Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pot meet Kettle

So, I'm sitting here thinking I don't really have time to sit here...I'm taking the kids to go see my brother play in White Christmas at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton and one kid isn't even at home, the other one is sleeping and I'm still in my jammies on my first cup of coffee. Thanks to Santa, it's a HUGE cup of coffee!
I'm also going through all my favourite blogs and feeling more than a little disappointed that there haven't been more recent posts on a lot of them; hence...
Pot meet Kettle.

Here's the last (I think I said that before ;o) shots from the cruise.

I took some time last night, as I finally finished a hat for myself, to reflect on how amazing it was that I finally took that cruise that I've dreamed of all my life.

Yeah, that was pretty freaking amazing!

So, that's my quick post. Maybe there will be knitting next time. Maybe next time will be sooner than later. You just never know.