Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, of course I'm going to show you knitting stuff...
KAL Project #1 completed by four knitting friends:
Same project (Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf**sorry, computer won't let me link!**); different yarns...aren't they wonderful?
KAL Project #2 started by the same four knitting friends:
(Fiddlehead Mittens**still no link!**) in 40 C weather! We're nuts!!
I don't have this one lined yet, but some of the others in the group are working these mittens two at a time; either on the same needles or a little bit of one and then a little bit of the other.
We plan on a photo shoot at the completion of this KAL too.
I haven't been a very consistent blogger over the past few months...I had great intentions at the beginning of the advised, however, that I will likely not be posting over the next couple of weeks as the family holiday will begin in approximately 48 hours.
I've done little to nothing in preparation for this holiday and thought that today, I better get things moving!
Wind the yarn that I'm planning to use.
Cascade 220 for Christmas presents.
Did I mention 40 C? 48 C, with the humidex forecast for tomorrow!
Yeah, gimme some o' that Cascade 220!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

That's Knitter With a Capital "K"!

I took knitting on my weekend away and actually did quite a bit of sweater that I had tucked away in the stash. I really would like to make a full size sweater that I'll wear when I'm cold, will look nice and show that I really am a Knitter. Yes, that's Knitter with a capital "K"!

After all my knitting, however, I don't have one stitch to be able to show you. Aww, yes, the negative knitting curse struck again. Here is how it goes...

Pick out pattern, yarn and needles and pack it along with your other weekend treats.

Take new set of interchangeable needles...just because.

Find a comfy, quiet place to knit when away with friends where there is "no judgement."

Cast on specified number of stitches for the back, using the specified needle and knit away.

Reread pattern several times while doing this and answer, "What are you knitting?" many times as well.

After a dozen rows or so, decide that you should go down a needle size.

Rip out back of sweater.

Cast on using one of the interchangeable needles.

Knit a few rows and decide that the cable is too long and change cable mid-row.

Knit another dozen rows or so and determine yet, again that you should probably go down a size again.

Compare gauge called for in pattern to gauge listed on ball band.

Wonder if close is close enough?

Allow the fact that you are still choosing not to knit a gauge swatch enter your reality.

Note at this time, that the interchangeable have an alternate numbering system and the 4mm you think you need will actually be substituted with a 4.25mm.

Cast on for the sleeve.

Knit more than 30 rows of the sleeve to get a true 'swatch-like' measurement and determine that the previous needle size: ie. 4.5mm would likely give a more correct measurement after all.

Rip out sleeve.

Pack up knitting, pattern, interchangeable needles and will to live.

Pour your first (but not last) Margarita of the day.

Wonder if you'll really be able to rip the pattern up and discard the yarn if you don't get gauge using 4.5mm on the sleeve?

Aaahhh, Margarita.