Sunday, September 4, 2011

Try Something New!

There's this thing called "Blogging"?
I thought I'd give it a try...
Hi. Me again. My computer has been, shall we say, 'fussy'? So, I've cleaned my discs, defragged and done a complete back up; so now, I'll try posting something.
So far, so good. My photos got loaded. Yay!
When last we spoke, I was heading to the cottage with the family.
Here is a shot following the first exodus of people where the children and I enjoyed a quiet 36 hours. This quiet time included driving an hour to go see the last Harry Potter movie and a drop in from some cottage friends, which lead to a dinner invitation. I said 'quiet' right?
My kids and the dog went to sit at the end of the dock and have quickly adapted to the cottage etiquette of waving to the boats going by. We were in a very quiet (no really, we were the loud ones) bay; so there wasn't a lot of waving.
I did manage to knit a little when the crowd dispersed.
And then we were home again.
Some dear friends presented me with a tree a couple of years ago after my mom passed away. My gardening skills are 'poor' at best these days, but this lovely gift is thriving and I wanted to show it off a bit. I smile and think of the lovely women who have been, and who are in my life whenever I see this tree.
These same friends and I went on a bit of a 'Yarn Crawl' upon my return from the cottage where we celebrated the start to one of their Vacations!
I call this, "Yarn on a Mini."
So, there you go. A fly-by post. I hope all is well with all my friends and family who read this and---fingers crossed---the computer keeps going; so that I can post again.
I finished KAL#2. Fiddlehead Mittens. I won this kit in a draw at our Cast-Off Annual Christmas Party. The kit was generously donated by Connie at Pick Up Sticks. (unfortunately, 'fussy', seems to include an unwillingness to create a link)
Thank-you, Connie; a pleasure, as always.
My turn to choose the next KAL project. I'm embracing the 'learning new skills' mandate of our little group and including some 'never seen before' elements.
I KNOW!!! The fun just never stops!