Friday, June 18, 2010

I Now Know Where To Begin

First, make a point of going to Fabricland to get the plastic table covering to complete the aforementioned (see previous post) project.
And forget to buy the plastic.
Picked up more fabric to (hopefully) someday become a dress, but forget alllll about the plastic.

Second, decide that enough is enough for all this little, portable, sock knitting and get your teeth into something that will actually turn into something substantial and requires a bit of brain power to complete.
Then screw up 4 rows of 400 plus stitches each and prepare to "TINK" all of the stitches because the project is not conducive to ripping back!

Yeah, I know where to begin; go back to where you started and step back 3 steps. Geez! I think I'll go to the garden. (to eat worms yum, yum --- now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where To Begin?!

First, let me say, once again, June exhausts me.

This fact is compounded this year with the Grade 8 graduation of my son and all the shopping that is required. At least with having my boy graduate first I've got a little warmup for when my little dancer moves on to grade 9! I hear the girls are way over the top with preparation; I just "passed", had a school dance that we actually 'dressed up' for and then went on with our lives. But that was back in the olden days, you know, before Facebook.

Soooo, how did everybody enjoy WWKIP? Thanks to my dear friends who stopped by to help me celebrate and the knitters everywhere who make that day special! Go here to have a look at the fun we had!

O.K. let's get back to crafting and fun stuff like that.

Dear Michelle,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but "life got in the way." Feel free to hum along if you like. In answer to your questions:

1) The contractor that worked on our bedroom (among other renovations we continually seem to have) made the frame and secured the padded piece into it. He came by and we decided on measurements and dimensions and then he went away cut all the pieces of wood, brought the plywood back to me and went on to build the frame. So, as we like to say around here, "You gotta get a guy." I imagine you could work with a premanufactured frame, but just make sure that it's built well enough to take the pressure of the padding.

2) We (royal we) secured it to the wall with 3 normal hangers mounted to the studs!! This is not a 'put the plugs in the drywall' kind of project; really, do those ever work? He also secured the base of the piece using screws into the bottom because the padding made it stick out a bit, and he wasn't happy with how that looked. And that is what you want from your contractor, make it look good, pay attention to details and secure it so that when the hurricanes come the headboard will still be standing.

Here is another option especially if you're starting out and doing it on your own.

This is the headboard in our "old" master bedroom. This was done by a professional apholsterer, but the premise is the same. Pad the wood as I did, they divided it, but it was for a queen bed, and then it's mounted slightly differently. A piece of wood is diagonally cut across the entire length. One piece is secured to the wall, again, in the studs; so that the angle slopes against the wall. The other piece is secured to the headboard with the angle sloping away from the headboard. The pieces are put back together by sliding the headboard angled piece onto the wall mounted piece; thus resting the headboard onto the wall.

I haven't figured out drawing on the computer, but if this makes no sense whatsoever, just leave a comment and I'll try to get some pictures. That's one of the frustrating thing about Blogger, I can only post 5 photos; at least that's all I've ever been able to post. Anybody know any tricks to fix that?

In current news, today is my friend Christine's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!

Here's a blog birthday card (sort of); it's also a picture of this neat planter I found that came home with me (much to my husband's dismay) when I went plant shopping. The girls at the nursery had no idea what a treasure I was taking home with me! I haven't used it to wind yarn yet, but I'm pretty sure I will...

Still no knitting content, but the following is at least yarn related.

For years, and I mean years, I've had this idea of what to do with yarn labels.

I would attach them to a table and have a yarn labeled table top! Genious, yes?

Yesterday, the weather was perfect, because this truly is an outside job. (Step 1, is of course, getting said table out of the basement to the outside working area.) **I just hit some button that made everything here get smaller!!! Geeezzz!!!***

Anyway, so I glued a bunch of labels to my sturdy table top. This is a challenge in itself, because I was never very good at 'random'; I am so much better at 'symmetrical' or 'balanced', which looking at my life most of the time is totally hilarious! But, I persevered and covered (mostly) the tabletop.
I waited for the glue to dry and then weighted down the labels. Embarrassing as this next photo is, remember the name of this blog is Wine, Wool and Whoppers; please also note that we recycle our bottles and after this project I took the empties back and got a nice little bunch of yarn money.

I anxiously awaited a suitable amount of time for labels to be fully compressed. I say anxiously, because I was really hoping that the glue was infact dry so that the boxes didn't stick to the table or labels didn't stick to boxes; anyway all went well.

I then sprayed Varathane on the tabletop.

This worked better in my head than in real life.

The labels mostly buckled from the moisture of the spray. There was also some colour change, but nothing too drastic. But the smooth tabletop that I was looking for, because, this is my sewing table you see, was not to be. So, obviously, I was meant to come up with an alternate plan.

I don't want to put a glass table top on because I don't think that that would be secure enough for the way I plan to use my table. That plexiglass stuff is too expensive. I'm not ripping the labels off---not an option! I'm going to get some clear plastic table covering from Fabricland, wrap it over the top and secure it underneath (probably get to use my staple gun again!).

I hope to try this again, because, I still think it's a cool idea. I still have a bunch of labels (and plan on adding to the collection). I think I would try a decopage product next time and I don't know? Varathane over that? Is Varathane even necessary?

So many questions; so little time!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Excuse For Not Getting A Lot of Knitting Done # 72

Here's a run through of what kept me from my knitting this past Thursday. (Don't you love a current blog?)
Wednesday I was presented with a piece of plywood that had to be turned into a headboard by Friday because that's when it was being installed.
So, Thursday, after watching my daughter in her Field Events at the Area Track meet, I went to visit the lovely folks at F&K Textiles in Bradford, ON. (There is no website) Whenever I'm tackling an upholstery or drapery issue, that's where I go! They are always happy to take the time to listen and offer advice on how to achieve the look that you're after with professionalism and sincerity. They also have an incredible selection of quilting cottons at very affordable prices and there are many beautiful quilts decorating the walls of the store; all hand made by their mother. I really admire these people, because they outlasted Fabricland, who moved in literally across the street from them and they also came back, stronger than ever, after a fire almost destroyed their whole building!
Back to the headboard.
Step 1: Cut 1" foam to desired size (1/2" within board perimeter) and secure to plywood.
Step 2: Cover with Dacron Batting and secure using a staple gun (almost as much fun as power tools!). Please note the exquisitely executed corner wrap. My mom taught me well.

Step 3: Secure covering, again using a staple gun. (FYI you'll probably have a blister by now; so make sure you have bandaids available).

Step 4: Have installer place frame around padded headboard and mount to wall above bed. Please note, again, the Plaid Silk that I told everybody I was making the headboard out of, turned out to be striped Polyester Taffeta. I still like it.

Stand back, admire, and wait for praises from the masses. Masses that you allow into your bedroom at least.
Probably the best response I've gotten is from my daughter, who came in while I was crawling all over the floor; "It's cool your making it yourself." Brings a tear to my eye I tell you, a tear to my eye.

Dear Jenni in Edmonton,

Thank-you for dropping by for some Wine, Wool and Whoppers! While I made the comment, offering to sell some Bamboo, tongue in cheek, I thought I should dig out the offending party.

Here is what 3 skeins turned into after trying to wind it into centre pull balls (mistake #1); people should refer to this book before attempting such acts of insanity. The fact that I was partially blind from an eye exam (mistake #2) and that the skeins were too big for my swift (mistake #3) probably had less of an impact that I initially thought.

Yeah, Right!!

Anyway, I'm sorry Jenni, but I still find this yarn and pattern very attractive, I've already swatched for it, it's souvenir yarn from Stitches West 2007, and I think it's learned it's lesson from the time out that it's been on since the whole winding episode. So, (for now) I won't be selling it. Have you looked on Ravelry for other people who may have Bamboo to Trade or Sell? I hope you find what you're looking for.

Yours in Yarn,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There Must Be Something In The Air!

I know pictures in blogs make them more interesting, but I'm not feeling it tonight.
What I did want to comment on and share with you are some funnny knitters!
Someone new to my lurking (although, I commented today) is Mary. I found her through Maria. Mary wrote a wonderful blog today and honestly, I want to print it and put it in a folder for prosperity, it was just that enjoyable. Go there, read it, but first be sure that you don't have your mouth full, so as not to spit upon your computer and that you have tissue available to wipe the tears of laughter away.
While you're equipped with the supplies needed to read the trials and tribulations of knitters, be sure to visit Stephanie. I also commented there (you'll have to read through quite a few comments before you find mine, but it's there! I checked.) and thought I should have a recent post so as to entice potential readers to return to Wine Wool and Whoppers! (I'm thinking of changing my blog name; is that allowed?)
My knitting friends, mostly the Cast Offs, may remember the story that I shared with Stephanie. Let's just say, eye drops, Bamboo yarn, and renovations are not an especially good mix. Opening a bottle of wine and/or beer, however, is an appropriate response to any eye drop and yarn situation. I think we can all agree on that.
I have some wonderful knitterly-type ideas rumbling around so don't forget to check back to see what's new. In the mean time you can go here to keep up to date of what's going on.
FYI: Eleven days until World Wide Knitting In Public Day!
I know; I can hardly contain myself as well!
So keep knitting and keep smiling!