Friday, January 4, 2008

Get ready, set, go!

I don't know that I really think about making resolutions; if I do, I don't just wait for January 1st. I do it all year long; whenever I get re-energized after being overwhelmed with whatever challenge I was faced with at that point in the year.
Let's see in's about tidying up after the holidays and keeping your sanity while kids are home from school.
February....there's Valentines (even if we want to get away from the hype; then there's school), our Anniversary (my husband works construction; so if I wanted him to show up at the wedding we had to have it during the winter) and my birthday....woohoo.
March....In like a lion and then.....March break!! This year we're planning a ski holiday for March (just to keep things interesting, you know)
April...Spring!!! (Oh yea, and one last snow fall; it's gotta happen before I believe spring is here) And I don't want to waste time inside when there is so many wonderful things happening outside!
May...Can you say Birthdays? Everybody and their brother has a birthday in May!
June...Recital, recital, recital and what's the other thing? Oh yea, exam and recital! And then there's all the end of school shinnanigans (another fun word!)
July...Hubby's birthday and the kids are bored already (actually, I rarely give them a chance to get bored, but that means I'm running around....keeping them busy!)
August....See July, except insert daughter's birthday.
September....Back to School!! Back to dance, back to hockey, you want to do what? How much for this? How much for that? You need that when?
October....Boo!! Oh and yes, let's squeeze Thanksgiving in there too. Christmas Carols begin playing in the mall.
November...Son's birthday. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
December....More Christmas, Christmas.
So that's the year not in review, but in anticipation! Is there time to make resolutions? I didn't really see that 're-energize' time I eluded to either.
This year it's gonna be different!
Stop laughing; I can so hear you!
O.K. so here it is winter in Ontario; the snow came early and stayed! We've had some frigid temperatures and some wild snow storms; here's how we handle snow at Creativehands Central:

That's my husband in the new tractor/snow plow; yup, 'go big or go home' that's how we fly around here!
Anyway, that's what we've had to use over the past few weeks just to get out and about, but this week?
Ready, set, go; we're gonna need an umbrella!
I can't keep up.

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Cotton Picker said...

Sorry, I'm still laughing. Good post.