Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm getting worried...

It started last week.

I needed some quilt batting for the 'Bright Minky" quilt; so I went to Fabricland. I scoped all over Fabricland, found some treasures in the remnant bin and only took 2. There was fleece on sale for $6/m that had sheep on it; it's still on the shelf. There was some fun cotton on the buy 1 get 2 free rack; and I only bought 2 m of one of those. Oh, I did pick up the batting as well.

The interesting thing here is that I stopped to think about what I would make with the sheep fleece and the mauve cat cotton and just as importantly, where was I going to store the fabric should I bring it home. And where this may sound quite reasonable to most, this is a huge step for me. I mean, what if it's all gone by the time I get back there!?!?!!

I showed restraint.

The same kind of thing happened when I chose to delay my visit to one of my LYS, (isn't that cool? I have a plethora - I love it when I get to use that word - of LYS!) because I didn't need it right away, I'm running out of places to stash, etc. etc.

I've been on line to some of my 'pushers/suppliers' and have, again, showed restraint in what I actually did order ie. not everything that I fell in love with.

Even at the Superstore when I was checking out the new JOE wear, I looked at stuff and decided to wait for the markdown.

My impulse buying gene has been compromised. O.K. let's call that a sign of maturity. And nothing really to cause alarm, because in all likelihood it's not a permanent condition. (Know Thyself) :o)

But last night at our Cast Off Night Out (we started as knitters, but we allow people to crochet and quilt too, so I took the knitting part out for now) after we spent a fair amount of time expounding the virtues of Sensodyne and the other products to bring comfort to our teeth and gums....

Here's a fuzzy close up. Honestly, after the hints and tips that went around that table I'll be surprised if anyone in the Aurora/Newmarket area will be able to find either of these products. I was so inspired by everyone's testimony regarding the care of their teeth, (after we all had a taste of Purdy's Sweet Georgia Browns!) that I came home brushed, used my little brushy guys, flossed behind my back molars, because these brushy things don't get back there easily (I learned that one on my own; I'll have to share it with the others next time I see them) and even broke out...wait for it...

The Listerine!! Had a swish and went to bed feeling all fresh and proud of my oral hygiene regime for a change.

Really it's the little things.

O.K. back to the problem at hand. We had figured out how to keep our teeth and gums healthy; so we moved on to parenting and the disciplining of children, or lack there of. We often touch on this subject maybe because, it's such a relevant topic, because it's hard to keep up with what's the 'in thing' to do now, because it still surprises us all that we have survived as a civilization with all the mistakes everybody makes raising their kids; or maybe it's because I complain the most about it and steer the conversation way too much.

So one of our knitters/crocheters L, asks why is it so wrong to discipline the kids now? Well, I jump in with an answer (someday I'll learn to keep my mouth shut!) to tell a story that the Dancing Bus Driver told I side track a little to explain the Dancing Bus driver part of the story; you know, background.

And then I pause to start my story. What was my story? Why did I start with the Dancing Bus Driver?


No clue why I had started, except that L had asked a question, and I couldn't even remember the question. L, who's 83 and puts us all to shame with how active she is, got me back on course, with the help of C. Thanks ladies.

Oh, the story involved a mom who got to enjoy the peace and quiet of her home after her children threatened to call CA and she called their bluff. They got a taste of life outside of their 'unfair' home and mom got to eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted for 3 days! They got to come home and everybody lived happily ever after. (I don't really know that last part, but they did come home; nobody was hurt and it's a good ending to a story)

After that we continued to sit, knit, laugh and then....OMG...

"Is anybody else so hot that they're going to rip their clothes off right here and now?!?!!" Really, the top was almost off. I put my knitting down (gasp!), I got up, the top was flappin' and I was lookin' for someplace to cool off, without looking like the idiot that I felt like I was looking right then and found...

the corner where I took off my boots.

It helped a bit, and the girls reassured me that they had found it quite warm when they first came into the room too. Thanks, ladies. Again. The kicker is, we meet in a room above an arena. There's ice and the frosty air that keeps it that way approximately 10 feet away; I just thought of that now. Sigh.

So let's recap, I'm 'showing maturity' in my shopping excursions, I'm forgetting...way too much, and I now have to figure out how to manage being a 'hot' person when I've always been a 'cold' person.

So this is the part that worries me; maybe the doctor's right.

I'm Old and Fat. I hate it when that happens.


kgbknits said...

You are NOT old and fat. You're just realizing that you don't have an infinite amount of storage space. So, restraint is the word of the day. I can personally attest to the fact that I have Soooo many things that I just HAD to have, but now they just sit there taking up space. We all do it.
P.S. I must rush out now for the little brushes. Forget everything I said about restraint. I. Must. Have. Them.

transitknitter said...

Oh I am so proud! "Do I need this/will I use it and Where will I keep it" are the magic questions. Wow, you are on your way to organization heaven. Saving money is the added bonus.

I am very pleased for you. And NO you are not old or fat!!!