Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Don't you hate it when you are on the home stretch and there's only the finishing details to take care of and you're mosiein' right along and you've already got people annoyed because you actually made plans to do something (ie finish a quilt) without consulting them?
And even though you measured, calculated and gave it a good, 'that should be enough'...

You're still short by one strip! Grrrr. (I've also just had to now, put aside a scarf that I've been working on for far too long because I don't have enough to cast off . Grrrr again.)

Anyway, I got the quilt all put together and went all overboard (who me?) on the binding with the hope of bringing all the patterns together, so that it all flows. And you know, I was kind of disappointed; for the amount of work that went into the binding , it wasn't standing out as much as I had hoped.

And then I turned it over and saw how much life it brought to the back of the quilt! (this picture doesn't do the green justice; it was much 'limier' and brighter) Something that I hope I've learned with this one is that binding is meant to just surround the project and that 'keeping it simple' is probably a better route most of the time.

This, however, makes it all worth it. Happy Birthday!!

I also need to show you something else that I whipped (haha) up on the weekend.

Here, you will note, is a cheesecake, cooled, in the pan, ready for assembly and waiting to be served. And NO CRACKS!!! Yipeee!


I saw Anna Olsen prepare it on Sugar, one of my favourite shows on FoodTV. I went on line; printed it off and knew that it would be perfect for the dinner party we were going to last Saturday. I gotta say, it looked and tasted fabulous and I may have mentioned that it had to be "the best thing that I have ever made," several times. My son agreed with me. My husband said I can't say that....

I told him I could, because it was!

Really, if we're not going to blow our own horns; who is? We work hard and sometimes the things we make turn out fabulous and other times, well, not so much. Are we only supposed to talk about the failures? The disappointments? Life's too short for that.

Let's enjoy the gifts of our talents and accomplishments everyday and we'll all feel a lot better!


Cotton Picker said...

Two thumbs up - for both the quilt and the cake. :)

Boxoftrix said...

What a beautiful bright colourful quilt! and that cheesecake looks amazing, I love pistachios and chocolate I bet it tasted devine :o)