Friday, February 1, 2008

I guess there's only so much excitement you can stand in one day!

Yesterday was to be a very exciting day!

First and foremost....the sun was shining!! Ooohh it's nice when the sun is shining; no matter how cold! (well, within reason)

O.K. then, I got to have a nice long chat with my mom; some days you just need to chat with your mom. :o)

I decided to relax for the remainder of the morning and go to the gym after my 'luncheon appointment.' But, what to bring to work on when I go to my 'luncheon appointment'?

No. Too intimidating.


No. Again, too intimidating and I'ld probably mess it up and have to rip out anything that I did manage to accomplish.

Now, here was a little something that I picked up the other day...and NO it doesn't count as S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXcursion---please, it's a family blog!), because I only brought a couple of balls of what I needed home!


That's the ticket. I can always find a spot for a couple of balls and because the rest is at the store waiting for me, with my name on it; then I think I'll be more inclined to start and continue to work on a project. Besides, I've been coveting this one for quite a while; it was only a matter of time.

So the winner was.....

I'll take along a ball of Sirdar Baby Bamboo (Yes, more Bamboo; some of us never learn) and straight needles! Shock! Gasp! Are you insane?

Yes; it'll be perfect.

My luncheon date was to go to my children's school and help with the 'Knitting Club'! I was so excited (as evidenced by my difficulty in selecting which project to bring). My son had told me about it Wednesday afternoon and Thursday at lunch I showed up at the office wearing a sheep T-shirt, Sheep sweater; carrying Knitting books for kids and Bamboo yarn and needles, and announced, "I'm here to volunteer for the The Knitting Club"! (I believe I puffed my chest out under my coat)

"Oh, I don't think they start until 12:20 (it's 12:05 and I sign in). I'll page the teacher"

A couple of calls later and in walks the teacher.

"Oh, it's actually going to start next week."

My shoulders slouch beneath my coat; fine, I'll be back then. (it's 12:10 and I sign out)

It really was a positive experience (refer to above note about the sun shining!) in that I gave her all my contact info and I got a feel for some things that they may need to help get this thing going!


And so, I must wait one more week.

And while I wait, and ride a bus into the city ALL BY MYSELF, AT NIGHT, IN THE DARK, I will work on....

This. Sublime Merino and some Mohair too! I've got a beautiful ensemble planned...

It's only a few balls. It's not really stash. The rest is at the shop. I'm working on it. Really.

And mmmmmm it's gorgeous!

Yea, that's enough excitment for one day. Phew, I'm pooped; TGIF!


Cotton Picker said...

I think I need to show up at that class cuz I sure could use some knitting help. :)

Boxoftrix said...

I like the colours in the sweater your working on ...beautiful!