Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buttons and Bows

It's taken me hours; yes HOURS!! To get these pictures up.

And now, I should be getting dinner ready for my family; so here it is, short and sweet.

The Dotee I made for a swap that I signed up for. I'm going to do another one, very similar, to keep. I've heard from my partner that mine is on it's way. Neat!!

I've also been busy making 2" x 2" squares to send to Girl Gone Thread Wild (through Cotton Picker) for her Breast Cancer Research Funding project.

The Yarn Harlot visited the Family Button Box; so I dug up mine. It's got old and new, a safe place for memories...

And a picture to show the extent to which I go to set up for a photo op on my blog!

Look...Mini Easter Whoppers!

Aren't they adorable?


Cotton Picker said...

Your Dotee doll is adorable and I love your pink squares too. You've been a busy gal.

Maggie R said...

Love the Dotee! They are so addictive!!
I see you are in Newmarket.... I am in Ingersoll.... another friendly Canadian!

Maggie R said...

Forgot to say how lovely your pink squares are. Monica will be so thrilled. I can hardly wait to see the finished doll. It should get big bucks when it goes on Ebay.