Thursday, February 21, 2008


As I told you (quickly) yesterday. This is a Dotee. I'm in a swap. And it's a swap for Newbies. A Dotee is a little doll with a face, stuffed and has beads attached in some manor. (You can actually Google them)
I was assigned my partner from Swap-bot and followed the link to find out more about her. Using the information that she provided on her profile I chose the fabrics and embellishments with which to make my girl here. She has yarn fabric for the front, musical fabric for the back and I chose a red, black and white yarn for her wrap.
The picture yesterday showed that there are indeed beads hanging from her, but I wanted you to see the shawl that I knit for her and that she's holding a bouquet of flowers.
I've got more ideas; I don't know if I'm addicted (yet), but I love that I've come up with another way to use up bits of leftover sock yarn!
I'm shipping her to the U.S.
I'm also sending the squares with a note. Part of the note says,
"...other embellished squares all have initials sewn onto them of friends of mine who continue to battle this horrific disease."
Thank-you Monica; we appreciate all the time and energy!

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Aha, dotee craze continues! Love these lil babes, the original inspiration for these came from such a loving gal- she sent me yesterday a fun lil creature I'll share soon on my blog (a cute lil dotee character). Too fun! Your JOY is coming through loud & clear. :)

Thank you for creating squares with us. Can't wait to see what you've made. I know they will be gorgeous! Thank you fellow Pink Artist for being a part of the fun ~Monica :)