Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

There was a knitter who took her knitting to Atlanta and asked the nice bartender to bring her something 'native'.

It's called a Bell Ringer or something like a Peach Martini or something very much like a Fuzzy Navel.


The Hotel that the knitter stayed at had many signs scattered about resembling this one.

She went to a fancy dining room for lunch and met some lovely people who asked her to do something new and exciting!

She took a class and learned a lot of knitting design type stuff with a lot of other nice knitters.

Oh yeah, she picked up a copy of the newly released book (or three) that had a pair of socks that she designed in them.

And she was very, very happy.

May I present, "Dreamin' of Tulips".

The End.

{And when she tried to blog about it, her family and the dog bothered her and the computer gave her grief as well.} Knit on, my friends, knit on!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quick Hello..

When I was in College and phone home my dad would always say, "Here's your mother for a quick hello." She would get so mad! "I'll talk as long as I want; I don't need to say a "quick hello" Geeez."
Awww, good times.

Sunday I took my wheel out for a spin....

We went here and took a class taught by this lady and had a lot of fun making this.....
(The kids always groan when I take these kind of pictures.)

And then because it was a wonderful spring day and I was trying to decide on what yarn etc. to pack for my upcoming trip to STITCHES SOUTH I took some SIGNATURE yarn out for a photo shoot in the garden I planted last fall on my mom's birthday.
She always enjoyed getting bulbs on her birthday, because she said it was like she got two birthday presents that way. Once in October and again in the spring when they bloomed.

I need to work on my garden photography skills. Practise, practise, practise.

Another quick note here...I have to be quick because I'm leaving for STITCHES SOUTH tomorrow...

You know how when you're knitting something and you think, "Oh good! I only have 48 more rows to go and then I can block this thing," (because it needs serious blocking) and then you count your repeats and realize that you actually have 72 more rows to go?

Yeah, I hate that.

This is the photo that came up when I googled "Official Drink of Atlanta, Georgia".

Yes, please!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Knitting and stuff.

Like a good little knitter, I swatched my new yarn purchase...hey Thursday!
Purchased from Needles and Pins in London, ON: Dream In Colour Smooshy - Grey Tabby, combined with Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Kidsilk Spray, knit on 6 mm needles in double moss (that's what I call it anyway); it will someday (I hope) be 'Workweek', a blazer styled sweater on page 46 of Knitter's Spring 2010, issue K98.
Speaking of Knitter' here for some exciting news in the upcoming weeks...

Here we have a Sunflower Design (Susan Pandorf) being worked and this is what two skeins of sock yarn knit up look like. I'm more than half way done.

When I read Susan's post about this pattern she mentioned that the knitting became kind of meditative after a while and when I started this I wasn't sure I would agree with her, but she was right! Uncharacteristically, for me anyway, I actually want to keep knitting this one! It's my 'go to project' right now and it's a very enjoyable knit. I'm using Tanis Fibres yarn; so that may account for a good part of my enjoyment.
I have a skirt that the colours go with perfectly; so I'm really trying to get it done in time to wear in the short warm(ish) season we get!

Speaking of short warm's a hat I made. Yes, made and finished!! Woohoo!

I took Grumperina's pattern and ventured into a bit of Nicky Epstein and used up all of the beads that I bought! I didn't prestring my beads and due to the thicker yarn the crochet hook method did present some challenges, but over all I'm happy with it. And because I finished a project using beads I then allowed myself to visit That Bead Lady once know you're in trouble when the owner of a store is asking about projects you bought beads for (on more than one occasion) that are still waiting for you to even start; so I set myself a goal to finish something before I could go back in there. It was fun to see all the beads again; so much fun, I went back two days in a row!
I was hoping that having an embellishment on one side would make it look better on me, (I have short hair and this style does nothing for you when there's no hair surrounding it) but, um, NOPE!! I tried it on my daughter, but I'll wait until next winter before we'll know if it's staying here or not, she was in a pout when I put it on her so I don't know if she likes it or not.
This is my daughter being a Turtle. Who needs a hat with that outfit?! Can you say 'flexible'?
Good times.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did I Ever?

Show you this?

I think I may have...

I made a wrist warmer based on the Yarn Harlot's 'Pretty Thing'. I sent her a photo. She liked it. That made me happy.
The only disappointment of the whole thing is the yarn I used wasn't able to make the cowl and two wrist the other hand goes in your pocket I guess.

My Jack Bauer 24 KAL on Ravelry project didn't work out...the sock was going to be too big and after reading Glenna C's posts about Jaywalkers...I changed my mind and ripped it out. It's still waiting for me to cast on again.

I still haven't finished my Olympic sweater, but have started a couple of other smaller projects. I think I will try to post more pictures of Works In Progress and not try to be so much the 'blog writer' blogger and concentrate more on the 'poster of knitting projects' blogger.

And we'll see how that works out. Sigh.

By the way....HAPPY EASTER!!!

Isn't it a beautiful weekend?????!!!!!!! Sunny and Warm: a new phenomenon here in Ontario.