Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quick Hello..

When I was in College and phone home my dad would always say, "Here's your mother for a quick hello." She would get so mad! "I'll talk as long as I want; I don't need to say a "quick hello" Geeez."
Awww, good times.

Sunday I took my wheel out for a spin....

We went here and took a class taught by this lady and had a lot of fun making this.....
(The kids always groan when I take these kind of pictures.)

And then because it was a wonderful spring day and I was trying to decide on what yarn etc. to pack for my upcoming trip to STITCHES SOUTH I took some SIGNATURE yarn out for a photo shoot in the garden I planted last fall on my mom's birthday.
She always enjoyed getting bulbs on her birthday, because she said it was like she got two birthday presents that way. Once in October and again in the spring when they bloomed.

I need to work on my garden photography skills. Practise, practise, practise.

Another quick note here...I have to be quick because I'm leaving for STITCHES SOUTH tomorrow...

You know how when you're knitting something and you think, "Oh good! I only have 48 more rows to go and then I can block this thing," (because it needs serious blocking) and then you count your repeats and realize that you actually have 72 more rows to go?

Yeah, I hate that.

This is the photo that came up when I googled "Official Drink of Atlanta, Georgia".

Yes, please!


thatdarncat said...

Oooh, pretty!

Well, have a great time in Atlanta. I'd say have a drink for me, but who am I kidding....have SEVERAL drinks for me! Heehee.

Bring back lots for show and tell.

Have you been practicing your signature?

Creativehands said...

Maybe on the plane...
I'm hoping for a manicure Thursday morning though.

Maria said...

Have a blast. You have my permission to buy lots of wool, eat lots of whoppers, and drink a moderate amount of wine. You can't knit if you drink too much, you know!