Friday, April 2, 2010

Did I Ever?

Show you this?

I think I may have...

I made a wrist warmer based on the Yarn Harlot's 'Pretty Thing'. I sent her a photo. She liked it. That made me happy.
The only disappointment of the whole thing is the yarn I used wasn't able to make the cowl and two wrist the other hand goes in your pocket I guess.

My Jack Bauer 24 KAL on Ravelry project didn't work out...the sock was going to be too big and after reading Glenna C's posts about Jaywalkers...I changed my mind and ripped it out. It's still waiting for me to cast on again.

I still haven't finished my Olympic sweater, but have started a couple of other smaller projects. I think I will try to post more pictures of Works In Progress and not try to be so much the 'blog writer' blogger and concentrate more on the 'poster of knitting projects' blogger.

And we'll see how that works out. Sigh.

By the way....HAPPY EASTER!!!

Isn't it a beautiful weekend?????!!!!!!! Sunny and Warm: a new phenomenon here in Ontario.


Cotton Picker said...

Happy Easter, and yes, isn't it lovely weather here. :)

thatdarncat said...

I love it! Are you going to publish the pattern?

Happy Easter.

Clare said...

Nice finish.
If you need some yarn to knit the second on I have a full skein of the color. Once I knit the YH's pretty thing you can have the rest of the yarn.