Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wait, there's more!

Well Julie, here are some more pictures;
are you getting any information as to
who may indeed have murdered
Herr Bevore?

Or were you too busy listening to all the other conversations and sending info back to H.Q.?

Yes, all is forgiven after the end of a war, but not until we know who the murderer is!

So toast us as much as you like
General Kopov, you still are a key suspect as far as I'm concerned!

Trying to throw us off from suspecting you by breaking your glasses? I don't think so.

Now here is someone we should all be careful of!! Nothing good ever came from fraternizing with a traveling sausage salesman!

'E looks zo French, non?

And no he wasn't just glad to see us...
he had his sausage that he kept showing us! Nurse Gently even took its pulse...normal.

(My daughter asked me if I was sure that there were only ladies here?)

Here is Phil pulling out all the stops to try to get try 'is sausage! Thank goodness Nurse Gently had the good sense to provide everyone with
Le Prophelactic! With all the celebrating going on and the war over and all, we don't need anymore 'accidents'!

Hmm, what's that suspicious weapon infront of Phil? Could it be...a basting brush?!?

Sock les blue!! (I know the spelling is off, but I have been interrupted at least a dozen times while trying to post this blog! Note to self: don't blog when people are home! Even the dog made me go outside!)

And here is what a wonderful start to my day looks like...
1)Coffee (my own blend of Folgers Simple Smooth and Folgers Decaf ---Regular, thank-you very much, with organic sugar---it's sweeter; so you need less and light 1/2 & 1/2) in MY CUP!!!
2) Magazine: We've got a little tradition started with all of our get togethers that we pick a letter that the theme of the evening starts with; for example our first crack at this was a Wedding/Wine Shower. We all pitched in a $5(ish) gift that started with a 'W', and then at the end of the evening we mix all the gifts up and everybody goes home with a special favour from the party. At our first Murder Mystery we went with the letter 'M' (martini seemed to get a bit of attention at that one) And this time around, because the mystery was based in France; we went guessed it 'F' -- which quickly became the 'effin' gift! I was lucky enough to receive Bon Appetit Magazine the Fall Cooking Special. (A knitting magazine is also a completely acceptable substitute in this situation)
3) It was a beautiful, quiet morning; not too hot; not too cold and I got to sit remembering and enjoying the time that I spend with my friends.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Success!!

This is the picture of the table that I made for our 2nd Annual Murder Mystery. We are a group of knitters who meet every Thursday evening for knitting and sometimes we get together just because now we're all friends too; not just knitters meeting at the same place. Last year our Murder Mystery took place aboard a Cruise Ship and we named it the S.S. Cast Offs. This year our Mystery took place at a French Cafe at the end of WW II
We started off the evening; meeting all the characters, while having some drinks on the Cafe's patio. We had lovely french music playing in the background, delictable appetizers and some fine performances from all of our suspects!
We moved to the main dining room at Le Cafe du Cast Offs for our dinner of French Onion Soup les Cast Off and Boeuf Bourguignon with Pariessiene Pomme du Terre; and yes there did seem to be some wine flowing through the course of the evening as well!
I was fortunate enough to sit beside MiMi! She kept looking for something ...perhaps she was the murderer and had stashed the murder weapon in her bussum?!

We all had a really great time. And laughed and laughed, but we never did get around to knitting...

My knitting friends mean the world to me and I love being with them; it really is the high point of my week! I look forward to creating many more memories with them and will have more pictures to share from our Murder Mystery Part Deux on my next post (It only allows 5 at a time).
For now, this is what I awoke to on Friday morning...

It looked better with all my knitting friends didn't it? It's empty without them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It has been confirmed!

This morning when I was taking Chloe for a walk around the back of our property I thought I saw a special little bird, but 'no' it can't be; it's too soon!

I thought I had seen a Snowbird! (I don't know how to link yet, so you'll have to sort it out yourself) Not the Canadian going south for the winter kind, but the kind that Ann Murray sings about; aka Junko.

Anyway, I'm only about 1 1/2 coffees into my morning; so I'm really not to sure about this sighting. So I double back and try to sneak up on the quietly flittering beasties in the trees, again, no easy task when you're walking a hungry white lab who's only concern is 'when's breakfast and how much are you gonna give me?'

Why, you may ask, would I devote precious morning time to trying to see if there was a certain little bird hanging around? Precious morning time, being the hour in the morning where my entire family seems unable to focus on the task of getting themselves up and going without driving me insane! (I'm trying to promote independence....I make the kids lunch!) Staying outside on a lovely fall morning is much more enjoyable and a confirmed sighting means...

That's it. Summer is over. Won't be long now. All these expressions are commonly shared once we see the Junko every fall; so I had to know.

Well, I didn't confirm anything this morning, except that whenever I speak...very few people pay attention. Once again, children running for the school bus....sigh.

And then today, just a few minutes ago, again, as I was walking the dog (and reducing my stock for one of my culinary creations!) I saw it/them. You see, they don't travel alone; they come in flocks; just before the snow flies...hense Snowbirds...and in October, November, December that's all good, but not now!

And this is the part that makes my brain hurt. It's 32 degrees Celcius - 90ish F (anyone know where the degree symbol is on the keyboard?) and I have the air conditioning on!

Snowbird Fly Away...You're Gonna Melt!!

Stay cool everybody OR knit a hat because that's it; won't be long now!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Is anyone safe?

Meet Penelope Van Buren.

One year ago she was a suspect in the Murder upon the S.S. Cast Offs! Luckily she was cleared of all charges, but due to the stress of such a fiasco she succumbed to a total break down and lost touch with reality!

She became lost in time, and has found solace in the French Countryside. Unfortunately, the events surrounding her haven include World War II and she has once again found herself in the midst of a Murder Investigation! No one suspects that Penelope is still out there! And what will her new identity be? The only clue that she is still the same unstable individual, is her obsession with knitting! She carries it everywhere!

She reads about it every chance she gets! She seeks out like minded people and then entices them with food and wine!

Beware, she's stuck in time, she's found a new home in France and most frightening is her new (?) found career! Is anyone safe? Will anyone sampling the delicacies of the French Cafe live to tell the tale?

Stay tuned for an update on Penelope and her adventures in France!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Look what I got?

Well, KGB, you were bang on for the 'right' answer, but so far I was only able to get to one of the shops...Unwind; I went to get some green yarn to finish that shawl that I told you about. I came out with yellow/gold instead! I'll post a photo when I finish that.

Now, you can see that the picture I have up there is NOT yellow/gold! It's a fun new yarn called Twelve. There are 12 different yarns in each colour way and Wendy has about 4 or 5 of them; they come with a scarf pattern. I'm not sure when this project will get its turn, but it'll be fun to fondle until's soooo soft.

Now, I wasn't able to make it to the Knitter's Fair this year...AGAIN...because I was just too darned tired after getting ready for my daughter's 8th birthday party. Her birthday was kind of lost in the shuffle last year; so I wanted to really make up for it this time around...and that we did! Twelve girls with Hula Skirts and all the accessories! We did Hula dancing, ran an obstacle course but really the best part for them was jumping on the wet trampoline and then going in the Hot Tub. The best part for my husband was all these 8 year olds singing and dancing to the Beach Boys! And the best part for me was I finally got to make the Doll Cake that I always wanted to!

Now, a couple of my knitting friends...we are the Cast Offs and we meet everything Thursday evening...had planned to go to the fair, but I stayed home instead. Now, I was staying quiet after the WILD evening, and took the time to check my emails; there was one from Knit Picks; so I went and had a look.

And then I got my wallet.

And then I called the 1-800 number.

And then I told the lady that I had to have those knitting needles.

And then she laughed.

And then I told her the story about how I have a bowl made out of that same wood, and that I've been thinking about 'Options' needles and here they were in this wood that I love etc. etc.

We had a lovely chat on a Saturday morning when I couldn't get to the Knitter's Fair.

....but that didn't stop me from shopping!

And look what came in the mail yesterday! Actually delivered right to my door! A full set of Double pointed needles for my sock knitting; plan on using them for my Sock Of The Month from Pick Up Sticks! And the options set. My son thought I was wacko for going so crazy for a box from a knitting company...he just doesn't get it.

Aren't they pretty?
Yes, Chloe you can chew the bone; not the knitting needles! Gasp!

I've always wanted to make one of these babies...and now I have.

I have the pan etc. if anybody needs to borrow one. :o)

Well, it's Meet the Teacher or (as my daughter's teacher says) Meet the Creature BBQ night at school tonight; so I'll try to get to knitting after that...we'll see.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Take Two

Let's see if I can picture of my dog up for all of you to see. This is Chloe.

She's an 8 or 9 month old white lab and she is just WONDERFUL!!

It took a while to get the picture where I wanted it, but that's what this is all about...Wine, Wool and Whoppers!

I've sent the word out to a bunch of fine friends. Some enjoy wine, some enjoy wool and some even enjoy chocolate! So "hey" everybody...what should we talk about it?

O.K. how about paint? I'm priming new wood on the exterior of a window and I went with oil based primer...outside, good sealer, that's what I thought I was supposed to do; so how come whenever I go to the store I have to explain this OUTRAGEOUS choice? I'm covering it with Latex to make everybody happy, but I still think outside and oil is the way to go. What do you think?

Now, for the knitting content of this blog. I have put a ruffle on and off a shawl I've been working on...I think I was up to 4 times before I've ripped it out and decided I do, in fact, need more wool....yes, I said, I need more wool! Wooo Hoooo! And now with so many options of LYS it's going to be difficult to decide. Do I keep the continuity and go back to where I got the initial material (Unwind) or do I check out the newest member to my list of favourite places to be (Pick Up Sticks)? Decisions, Decisions

There's reall only one right answer, can you guess what it is?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Here I go...

Here's my blog, everybody! I'll see what I can get up here.
Today is the day to prime the front window.
I'm trying to get a picture up; one thing at a time!
Check back again, when I know how to work this whole thing a little better. :o)