Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It has been confirmed!

This morning when I was taking Chloe for a walk around the back of our property I thought I saw a special little bird, but 'no' it can't be; it's too soon!

I thought I had seen a Snowbird! (I don't know how to link yet, so you'll have to sort it out yourself) Not the Canadian going south for the winter kind, but the kind that Ann Murray sings about; aka Junko.

Anyway, I'm only about 1 1/2 coffees into my morning; so I'm really not to sure about this sighting. So I double back and try to sneak up on the quietly flittering beasties in the trees, again, no easy task when you're walking a hungry white lab who's only concern is 'when's breakfast and how much are you gonna give me?'

Why, you may ask, would I devote precious morning time to trying to see if there was a certain little bird hanging around? Precious morning time, being the hour in the morning where my entire family seems unable to focus on the task of getting themselves up and going without driving me insane! (I'm trying to promote independence....I make the kids lunch!) Staying outside on a lovely fall morning is much more enjoyable and a confirmed sighting means...

That's it. Summer is over. Won't be long now. All these expressions are commonly shared once we see the Junko every fall; so I had to know.

Well, I didn't confirm anything this morning, except that whenever I speak...very few people pay attention. Once again, children running for the school bus....sigh.

And then today, just a few minutes ago, again, as I was walking the dog (and reducing my stock for one of my culinary creations!) I saw it/them. You see, they don't travel alone; they come in flocks; just before the snow flies...hense Snowbirds...and in October, November, December that's all good, but not now!

And this is the part that makes my brain hurt. It's 32 degrees Celcius - 90ish F (anyone know where the degree symbol is on the keyboard?) and I have the air conditioning on!

Snowbird Fly Away...You're Gonna Melt!!

Stay cool everybody OR knit a hat because that's it; won't be long now!

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transitknitter said...

No Juncos at my place yet (at least not that I have seen being as I am never there in the daylight anymore) but the robins are back.

Robins, in case you were wondering, in the fall are the scouts for the juncos. Just that wee bit further south that prevents me from having the same scary junco sight as you.

Brrrr! It is coming.