Monday, September 24, 2007

Is anyone safe?

Meet Penelope Van Buren.

One year ago she was a suspect in the Murder upon the S.S. Cast Offs! Luckily she was cleared of all charges, but due to the stress of such a fiasco she succumbed to a total break down and lost touch with reality!

She became lost in time, and has found solace in the French Countryside. Unfortunately, the events surrounding her haven include World War II and she has once again found herself in the midst of a Murder Investigation! No one suspects that Penelope is still out there! And what will her new identity be? The only clue that she is still the same unstable individual, is her obsession with knitting! She carries it everywhere!

She reads about it every chance she gets! She seeks out like minded people and then entices them with food and wine!

Beware, she's stuck in time, she's found a new home in France and most frightening is her new (?) found career! Is anyone safe? Will anyone sampling the delicacies of the French Cafe live to tell the tale?

Stay tuned for an update on Penelope and her adventures in France!



P said...
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KGB said...

You got away with that prissy act last time, but you won't fool us this time. We're on to you Mon Cherie!!

transitknitter said...

Boy oh boy! This blogging is more complicated than a lace knitting chart. I keep having to reset my password. Not happy about that.

Love the dress.