Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Success!!

This is the picture of the table that I made for our 2nd Annual Murder Mystery. We are a group of knitters who meet every Thursday evening for knitting and sometimes we get together just because now we're all friends too; not just knitters meeting at the same place. Last year our Murder Mystery took place aboard a Cruise Ship and we named it the S.S. Cast Offs. This year our Mystery took place at a French Cafe at the end of WW II
We started off the evening; meeting all the characters, while having some drinks on the Cafe's patio. We had lovely french music playing in the background, delictable appetizers and some fine performances from all of our suspects!
We moved to the main dining room at Le Cafe du Cast Offs for our dinner of French Onion Soup les Cast Off and Boeuf Bourguignon with Pariessiene Pomme du Terre; and yes there did seem to be some wine flowing through the course of the evening as well!
I was fortunate enough to sit beside MiMi! She kept looking for something ...perhaps she was the murderer and had stashed the murder weapon in her bussum?!

We all had a really great time. And laughed and laughed, but we never did get around to knitting...

My knitting friends mean the world to me and I love being with them; it really is the high point of my week! I look forward to creating many more memories with them and will have more pictures to share from our Murder Mystery Part Deux on my next post (It only allows 5 at a time).
For now, this is what I awoke to on Friday morning...

It looked better with all my knitting friends didn't it? It's empty without them.

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Julie said...

Lynn, You have captured the performers of our WWII Murder Mystery night with your usual excellence. Looking forward to more pictures. Love Julie xox