Thursday, September 20, 2007

Look what I got?

Well, KGB, you were bang on for the 'right' answer, but so far I was only able to get to one of the shops...Unwind; I went to get some green yarn to finish that shawl that I told you about. I came out with yellow/gold instead! I'll post a photo when I finish that.

Now, you can see that the picture I have up there is NOT yellow/gold! It's a fun new yarn called Twelve. There are 12 different yarns in each colour way and Wendy has about 4 or 5 of them; they come with a scarf pattern. I'm not sure when this project will get its turn, but it'll be fun to fondle until's soooo soft.

Now, I wasn't able to make it to the Knitter's Fair this year...AGAIN...because I was just too darned tired after getting ready for my daughter's 8th birthday party. Her birthday was kind of lost in the shuffle last year; so I wanted to really make up for it this time around...and that we did! Twelve girls with Hula Skirts and all the accessories! We did Hula dancing, ran an obstacle course but really the best part for them was jumping on the wet trampoline and then going in the Hot Tub. The best part for my husband was all these 8 year olds singing and dancing to the Beach Boys! And the best part for me was I finally got to make the Doll Cake that I always wanted to!

Now, a couple of my knitting friends...we are the Cast Offs and we meet everything Thursday evening...had planned to go to the fair, but I stayed home instead. Now, I was staying quiet after the WILD evening, and took the time to check my emails; there was one from Knit Picks; so I went and had a look.

And then I got my wallet.

And then I called the 1-800 number.

And then I told the lady that I had to have those knitting needles.

And then she laughed.

And then I told her the story about how I have a bowl made out of that same wood, and that I've been thinking about 'Options' needles and here they were in this wood that I love etc. etc.

We had a lovely chat on a Saturday morning when I couldn't get to the Knitter's Fair.

....but that didn't stop me from shopping!

And look what came in the mail yesterday! Actually delivered right to my door! A full set of Double pointed needles for my sock knitting; plan on using them for my Sock Of The Month from Pick Up Sticks! And the options set. My son thought I was wacko for going so crazy for a box from a knitting company...he just doesn't get it.

Aren't they pretty?
Yes, Chloe you can chew the bone; not the knitting needles! Gasp!

I've always wanted to make one of these babies...and now I have.

I have the pan etc. if anybody needs to borrow one. :o)

Well, it's Meet the Teacher or (as my daughter's teacher says) Meet the Creature BBQ night at school tonight; so I'll try to get to knitting after that...we'll see.

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KGB said...

I can't wait to see the needles. They look lovely, and if they're as nice as the nickel ones, I'll be very tempted to order them!
Luscious looking yarn...thanks for sharing.