Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back/Looking Forward

Thank-you for your kind words and thoughtful wishes. It's always hard to loose a pet.

I did also mention that I was Celebrating my own kind of anniversary and I thought I would share with you just what that looked like. This year.

First, you check into a hotel/resort ALL BY YOURSELF and walk briskly to the Spa for your Pedicure that you're actually just on time for (which really means, you're late).
Then you go to your room, and enjoy the surprise fact that they've given you the King bed that you wanted, but had been told that you would get two Queens. Of course this is the cue for the photo op. I have a wreath sticker on both big toes and the polish colour is called..."Don't Toy With Me". At least 50% of my decision as to what colour of polish to wear is based on the name.

After that, one must unpack and set up for the two night stay of knitting time that will only be interrupted by Spa time.

It was pointed out to me that I (again) brought more projects that I could ever complete in two days. (My son had to carry the luggage to the car for me!) I brought the "Must complete" project, along with the "should get that done for her" project, followed by the "should make that for him" yarn, and let's not forget the "who this getaway is actually for" projects that include two WIP for 'moi', one with a good two year seniority on the other, finer, recently cast on sweater. Some magazines and books were also included should I find myself needing something else to do.
I did, however, in my rush to get out the door, forget to bring wine.
I KNOW!!! I hate it when that happens.

Thank goodness for room service. Note: I did not forget the chocolate---thanks mom and dad!
Here's something I learned during my little adventure:
If you stay up until 1 o'clock in the morning the night before your planned getaway catching up on the shows you've PVRd over the past few days and procrastinate packing until the day you are going to leave and then rush around trying to get just a couple of more things done before you go, rush out the door, having only eaten...I think it was a granola for an hour in fog and rain, go directly to your pedicure, check into your room and at 3-3:30 realize that you haven't eaten anything substantial all day, but don't want to spoil your dinner (yea, I'm a mom) and you order a lovely cheese platter with a glass of Chianti and sit back to enjoy said platter while knitting a pretty simple little lace pattern on the cuff of your recently cast on sweater (see list above). It doesn't matter how much water or tea you drink...
you're gonna need a nap.
And when you wake up from the much needed nap, you will then have to rip out that lovely little lace pattern and do it over before more wine comes with dinner.
Just, you know, if you find yourself in a similar situation; then you'll know what to expect.

I didn't complete the "MUST COMPLETE" project, but was able to complete it when I got home so that I could send it off to the "Think Outside the Sox" contest being held by XRX Inc. and Knitters Magazine. I've been planning my entries since the spring and wanted to work within my stash to enter some designs. I only had to purchase one skein for one category (and well, another 'replacement' ball when I fudged the first design), but over all was pleased with how things were going. I was set to send two pair along (having initially thought I would get five out there), so I went on line to down load more entry forms, confirm that the entries would be accepted with a 'postmarked by December 31, 2008' status and was surprised to see that they've extended the deadline until January 31st, 2009! You know what that means, don't you?

December 30th I swatch and December 31st I cast on.
BRING ON 2009!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


It has been a very eventful year.
There have been many Celebrations and sometimes those Celebrations haven't necessarily been especially joyful.
Too many times this past year I've had to Celebrate someone's life as they are no longer here to share future Celebrations. At least not in body.
I've lost two friends to cancer this year and yesterday I Celebrated my second cancer-free anniversary. I took some quiet time away to reflect and to re-energize.
I've made plans for the future, but have come to acknowledge, that all we can really count on is what is happening right now! We cannot change what will happen, but we can hope and look forward to a future that is bright and full of friendship and laughter and love.
We can also remember, knowing that it was indeed a past that is done.
Fifteen years ago, I was living in Collingwood, ON. I was soon to purchase my first home. A semi that had been immaculately renovated and decorated by a hard working European couple. I moved in with my cat and my dog.
A short time later a nurse that I was working with, heard about a stray kitten that had been found and needed a home. I went to see him.
He was about four months old and a bundle of energy.
I took him home; how could I not?
Next, he needed a name.
At that point in time I was in my Kenny G phase of music appreciation and one evening while driving around town it came to me...
Kenny C---the cat from Collingwood!
My dog loved him! I remember watching them play and Bailey coming over to me to, well, thank me for getting her that kitten!
My husband and I had been dating for a few months when I adopted Kenny and they became quick buddies.

Kenny enjoyed being outside and sitting on the hot tub was a great way to keep warm!

Visitors were often greeted with this pose and Kenny was always ready for a belly rub.

The past few months though, our fourteen year old Kenny had been fading.

Today, I came home to find a sad, sick, old cat. He wasn't having a good time here anymore.

The kids and I said our good-byes and while we Celebrate the wonderful cat that he was...we're sad and we'll miss him.

Good bye Kenny.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Helllllloooooo Out There!!


Yea, my bad.

It's been a month!!

In that month, however, there has been significant action around here...

(Now, just in case this post looks really wonky...I've decided to multi-task--- because that's what we do--- and do some typing while the pictures are loading; so we'll see if I can put it all together when it's done.)

These images are presented in no particular order, but trust me, I had wild and wonderfully witty stories to share about all of them...but I forget.

And while we're waiting...I feel pretty good about the whole Christmas prep thing. I may be, oh, what's the word, completely unrealistic (?) in my optimism, but you's gonna come anyway, whether I'm ready, finished, prepared, tired, sore...doesn't matter; December 25th will come on December 25th and I refuse to kill myself in preparation for the day after December 24th and the day before December 26th. Been there, done that and (my favourite) bought the T-shirt!

Images not ready yet.

I've had some good news over the past few weeks and some good times...
Christmas parties with friends is one of the best things about this season.

Here's an example of some of the cookies that I made for our "Cast Off's Christmas Party"

I LOVE our Christmas party. It's just us...15 of us...and WE ARE ALL JUST THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!!! ( if I do say so myself)

Another Christmas Celebration that I had the honour of attending was for the lovely ladies that I have met through Wellspring at Doane House. (Men are welcome, but they usually don't stay with us for too long). I made this for our hostess. She knew the owner of the yarn shop where I purchased this yarn, Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk, long before I did, and the funny thing was...I just bought it 'because'. I even started knitting it 'just because'. And then one day...a light bulb went off (I was trying to think of a word to describe a sound effect for a light bulb going off and then decided writing "a light bulb went off" would make it more clear for all of you) and I realized that the scarf I was knitting was for M. She took it out west with her when she visited her in-laws and it kept her nice and warm...and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately we recently lost a special lady to Breast Cancer, and while we celebrated the holidays, she wasn't able to join us and a few days later she was gone. We're all very sad and will miss her tremendously. We shared many tears at Doane house...tears of laughter, tears of fear, tears of anger...but at no time did we shed tears of loneliness, because we were always there for each other. Always. Anytime. We were a found family when we didn't know who or what we were looking for...there we were.

And then we're gone.

So, here and now. That's what know for sure. Here and now. (sorry got a little deep there, but I miss our friend)

So, the family and I got to go see a Raptor Game. The kids had a blast!! Me? I had wine. hehe

This is my daughter and I celebrating another 3 pointer for the good guys.

We lost, but it was a really wonderful afternoon.

More knitting...

Remember L? Took up knitting and was whizzing through Misti Alpaca like nothing? (still going strong, by the way)
Well, she's a hockey player and she organized a very successful tournament a few weeks ago; so I donated these for their fundraising efforts.

I made a pair of guards for her last year...(or was it the year before?) anyway she and her team mates thought they were great!! (I made a pair for my son too...he --and my husband--laughed, and the dog ate one) Anywhooo, because she said that they were so popular I went with putting together a pink pair with some minor modifications from the pattern as written on Knitty. The case I designed; yes, I designed, to go with it so that the guards could be stored in it on the bench and keys, cell phone, etc. could also be accessible. The ladies were tickled and expressed and overwhelming demand for more. hehe :o)
I'll need to follow up with the original designer, but I think this could be fun.

So, yes I've been knitting. I've been producing knitted items that should then leave a void in the stash.

No worries.

There's been stash enhancement as well.
There we are, caught up a little bit. I'm working on one last 'would really like to get it done for Christmas' knitted item, but have run into pattern design issues and am, right now, as we speak, waiting for clarification from the designer himself (yes, himself)!!
I love knitters.
Do you get that?
I'll try to post sooner than later.
Take care all.

Thursday, November 20, 2008



In case you're wondering...I love Turtles even more than Whoppers!!!
So therefore, when I sing about Thursdays; I'm singing to the tune of the Turtle song !

O.K. lots to catch up on, but the kids just walked in the door from school and I need to get ready!
Ready for what, you ask?
I'm getting picked up by one of my knitting friends,; I love my knitting friends.
She's taking me to Pick Up Sticks, because she has to pick up some yarn. She does; not me, no sirree Bob, I'm not getting yarn. Nope. Got enough yarn; especially since Connie and the gals at Pick Up Sticks presented me with this...

i love knitters---they get me.
After we've visited the yarn shop (just visiting, because I'm not going there to buy yarn), KGB will be driving me down to join some other knitting friends, (whom I also love), for dinner.
Then...I get to go to KNITTING!!
It's been WEEKS since I've been knitting...I mean I've been knitting, but not out to knitting...I mean I've been out and knitting, but not out with my knitters, to knitting, on a Thursday evening!
I think I'll take some pictures and post them on....

You guessed it...FRIDAY!!! (her belly is sooooo soft.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day

My children have impressed me so much this past weekend with their thoughtfulness and creativty. I share with you their rememberance days poems.

Remember the soldiers who fought;
Take that as a thought.
Remember the soldiers who died,
And they did not lie.
Remember the nurses who fed,
And they put them to bed.
Remember the soldiers who tried,
And now you cry.
Remember the soldiers who came,
And when they left it rained.
Remember the nurses who saved;
They were brave.
So when you see a poppy...
You should copy.
H.B. - 9 YRS
Remember in November

To all the people who gave there lives
To all the people who never saw the sun rise
To you and me
To all you can see
We must remember
In the month of November
Were poppies grow
I hope you know
That people died
And now they lie
So you and me
Could be free
And that is why we must remember
In the month of November
There was more to the war
There were more who were sore
All very sad
And some very mad
Because their family and friends
Were not there in the end
And that is why we all must remember
In the month of November
S.B. - 12 YRS
Yes, we will remember.
Thank-you guys, you make me proud.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Awwhhh Saturday Morning

Here it is.
We are a family of four.
My husband and I own a business that keeps him busy and out of the house a good, let's go with 6 1/2 days out of 7, and let's also go with that 5-6 of those are 12-14 hour days; so I'm here alone with the kids a lot.
We enjoy a comfortable lifestyle thanks to all his hard work and the children are still alive thanks to all of mine.
We are a family of four living in Canada!
Canada = Hockey; very few of us here can dispute that fact.
For the past four, five, six...years (honestly, who can keep track) there have been early hockey practices and games every Saturday and Sunday of every weekend from late September until early April. This was soon compounded by Dance classes also being scheduled on weekends so as to avoid too many evening activities after school (that just didn't work for our family---everybody got too cranky).
This year though, it's different.
Every body's graduated to big kid classes. Dance classes are held directly after school and we've earned the badge of daytime hockey, having paid the price of ungodly 6:00 (yes, A.M.) hockey!
I now look forward to Saturday mornings; this is all that I need for an enjoyable Saturday morning:

See? 'Zen and the art of RELAXATION' CD playing in the background, a book to read, a magazine to leaf through and COFFEE!! (Maybe works against the whole Zen Relaxation thing, but it's half decaf and the system seems to work) You'll also notice some knitting here today. Yup, I was knitting. You know why I was knitting?

Well, I started out just knitting, because, well, I'm a knitter! And then over the tranquil sounds of my CD came the lilting voices of my children as they prepared their breakfast...

"You took my egg! You selfish, little BRAT!!"

"Yea, well you're an IDIOT!!"

"You selfish, little BRAT!!!"

"Oowww, that hurt!"


"No, I'm just going to eat my breakfast! STOOOOPPPP IIIITTTTT!!!!"

So, I'm knitting. This conversation and numerous variations along the same train of thought were repeated several times. I'm knitting, but becoming more and more distracted by the dialogue in the next room. (Thank God it was a tres, tres, tres, simple pattern!)

I consider putting the knitting down, getting up, walking into the kitchen, clearing a path to the eggs using whatever means necessary, picking up the eggs and TOSSING THE EGGS INTO THE GREEN BIN!!!

Then my plan kind of fell apart. Send them to their room? Scream and yell to add some kind of punishment jobs? Argue about who's in charge around here? Call their father? (Not!!)

It all seemed a little counter productive.

So I focus on my knitting! I repeat in my mind, "Knit, knit, knit....".

As the volume in the kitchen continues to rise, I realize I need reinforcement if I am to continue to remain calm and so I say out loud, "Knit, knit, knit..."

They worked it out (I guess), nobody was bleeding after breakfast; they got fed. Me?

I knit two rows!! Come on....they're long rows!

Moral of the story?

Kids will be kids. They can work it out. (Just like my brother and I did.---That sound you hear is my parents falling down with laughter!)

Most importantly though, I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep Saturday mornings the way I like them---even talk to myself and accept the consequences of brothers and sisters in the kitchen.

Anybody got a problem with that?!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Tuesday Already!!

Trust me when I say it's Tuesday! I 'uploaded' pictures with every intention to post on Monday; actually been planning it since Saturday, but, well here it is Tuesday and at least you get to read something without a political agenda.
Whatever will everyone talk about next week?
When last we spoke I was conveying the joy I felt at welcoming a new knitter to the flock.
I had started L with a wavy scarf pattern. I cast on for her, showed her the 'knit' stitch and then ventured into yarn overs; she grasped the whole concept immediately. She left my place Friday afternoon happily working on her first scarf.
Saturday morning she appeared at my door with this:

ONE EVENING!! She even had decided that she wasn't too fond of the lacy-ness of the yarn overs, and even though she had already charted the whole pattern out on an excel spread sheet (L loves Excel), ripped out her first project, picked up all (but one) of the stitches and just kept knitting!
Handed out treats to the Trick Or Treaters and kept on knitting!
Her tension is lovely. I especially admire the way that she is so forgiving of herself and how she understands that it can be ripped out, it all takes practice, and she just wants to keep going!
I asked her if she had EVER knit before. You know as a child, someone showed her once, for school? Anything?
Nope. Never.
I showed her on Friday how to knit and on Monday tells me that she had had a problem with her knitting on Sunday. I was upset that she hadn't called me right away!
No knitter should ever be left floundering; help is ALWAYS a phone call, short car ride or even a google search away.
This was her problem:

She ran out of yarn.

She finished her first ever knitting project (managing to pick up that lost stitch too) in 3 days! She made her husband drive around for the weekend errands so that she could knit in the car (wonder who showed her that trick? hehe) Her back was bothering her on Sunday so she layed flat on her back, propped her arm on a pillow, turned on her t.v. and knit!

She loves her scarf, she just cuddles and cuddles it.

I showed her how to cast off. She did it.

I showed her how to sew in her ends. She did it.

And while I wasn't looking, she went downstairs and wound another two balls of yarn to get started on the next scarf!

Now, should the next post be entitled:

"A Knitter is Born" or perhaps,

"Another One Bites the Dust"?

Before you decide you should probably be advised that today we went out and she bought 4 more hanks of yarn. I had to teach her about Dye Lots.

"Never miss an opportunity to teach somebody about knitting," words to live by.

This is great, I can talk about L and not have to go into what I did or did not buy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Double Duty

There are a number of very important things that I want to share with you today...and since I wanted this sharing to start yesterday, but was interrupted by children wanting to use my laptop instead of the PC designated for their use because, (all together now with a whine)"It's too sloooowwww," today's post will have twice as much excitement as yesterday!

Well, I'm excited.

Yesterday I had an appointment in Cookstown. Cookstown has a wonderful quilting store, but I get into serious trouble whenever I go in there; so I decided to pace myself and NOT visit it this time around. Yay me! I did rationalize to my driver, however that since I was behaving myself and choosing not to go see the new fabrics, it is only fair that I stop at the yarn shop that we go by on the way home. We go by it if we take that route. We could get home via another route, an even a faster route, that has less traffic and lights, but that wouldn't make any sense, because there's no yarn shop when we go that way! We go to Pick Up Sticks. I had received some emails letting me know about some new yarns that they have available now...and of course some sweet sale items too.

Isn't that a lovely colourway? Isn't it a lovely artsy-fartsy attempt at a photo shoot? I LOVE Noro yarn. This is Silk Garden Light. It's wonderful. I want to knit it, but.....
I should finish a few other things first.
I am slowly starting to embrace the fact that I just may be a 'Process Knitter' and not so much a 'ResultsKnitter', or maybe just a SEVERE case of 'startitis' (severe actually barely scratches the surface)...
Moving on...
Here's where the wonderful Noro found itself next:

Feeling a definite affinity to the whole autumn, pumpkin theme.
This however, can't be normal. Is it so bad that we're just going to skip the whole knitting process and start to wear balls of yarn??!!
Looks good though doesn't it?

There are a number of knit bloggers (yes, I'm referring to the Harlot again) out there who also use (as in I took their idea) nature as a backdrop for their knitted showcasing.

Me? I take pictures of yarn that I buy.
As I mentioned earlier that there were sweet sales at Pick Up Sticks (umm, Noro wasn't part of the sale---hehe) and while we were in there, quite a few other customers dropped in as well. I was pretty focused on the Noro bins, but my driver (a NON-KNITTER) just kind of hung back, watching and listening. I firm up the details of my latest yarn desire (LYD?) and I turn to see my friend, who has been quoted when sent on previous yarn shop errands, "Can you say 'fish out of water'?", is standing holding 3 skeins of yarn. I smile and ask her if she's getting some ideas; I'm thinking that I'm going to be asked to make a little something for her.
She says, (and I quote---again), "No, you're gonna teach me to knit. I want to make a scarf for me, my husband and my son and these are the colours I want to use."
I thought she might be teasing me, cruel as that might be, I just never imagined that she would be interested! She wasn't teasing! She wanted to make scarves! She picked the yarn 1) because she overheard another novice knitter talking about it and how much it sounded like a good starter project and 2) she liked the colour (RED) and 3) it was on sale. Didn't even pay attention to what type of yarn it was, where it came from, touching it was secondary to the colour (I'm working on that one). Do you know what she picked for her first project? What yarn is on sale at Pick Up Sticks? Where she has set the bar for her future yarn purchases?
She liked the colour!?!
On the way home ---with our purchases---the topic of how much yarn I already possess came up (yet again) and she just wondered, why? I know others often ask the same thing. And I can only reassure you that for all the yarn that is housed here; there is sooo much more....o.k. a fair amount....alright! Some...yarn that I choose not to bring home.
The question still remains:
Is there any real knitting going on?

Yes there is!!! (Apparently, I'm not the only one easily distracted from the whole knitting/producing knitwear/blog idea!---Have a look at Too Much Wool---like THAT can ever happen!?)
One more scarf started. On this perfectly fabulous Halloween we sat outside and cast on! I'll work on the same pattern as my friend! I'll use my Hand Maiden and she'll use her Misti Alpaca. I can help at whatever point she is and I'll get something done from the 'MotherStash'.
Speaking of mothers...(mine's good; see previous posts)...have a look at this blog, Passing Down Crazy.
You're not alone, you're not alone; we all have days. Weeks. Months. Gasp, years.
So that's my excitement, new Noro, new Knitter (she's gonna be gooooood!), beautiful Halloween day and night, real knitting to show you. Yup, big post! Sharing the fruits of my labour and sharing the love of my craft.
Life is Goooood.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look There's More!! ***Second Post Today***

Remember these?
Again: "Small Fungus on Fallen Tree"



We called mom tonight to wish her a Happy Birthday and she commented on my lovely nature pictures.
My mom also has a plethora (again, love that word) of plants and flowers and so I send her this stunning pink rose!

As promised, some more of my nature shots!

"Small Fungus On Fallen Tree"---lost it---will try again!

"Along The Forest's Floor"

"Puff Balls?"

"First Snowfall"

My children are not fond of this one; I think it captures the true angst of winter snowfall.
Happy Birthday mom.
I love you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Meant To Be!

I've been busy flying around the internet leaving comments on various blogs that I enjoy and thought it best to post something new for anyone new who might come along and have a look!
This is Thursday. No, today is Monday; this...the Thursday! Isn't she (yes, one of the uncommon orange female cats) wonderful? Her nickname is the 'Purrminator' because she purrs that loud! Thursday gets groomed every three months or so, because she won't let me comb her (ie. I get bitten) and she has a little difficulty keeping all her, umm, bits, clean and tidy when there is all that fur to deal with. How much fur you may ask? See her tail? The pom-pom on the end is how long her fur can get. Why the pom-pom, may be your next question? Truth be told, it's not a 'pom-pom' (that would be too much like a poodle, and a poodle we are not!) it is what defines her 'do' as The Lion Cut!
Thursday is a bit of a strange duck, doesn't want to be combed (by me anyway), but enjoys the whole grooming, which includes manicure, pedicure wash and well, no blow drying necessary, experience! She comes home all light and frisky!!

She likes it!

Her sister? Friday?

Does not!
I tried it once when I was going to be away for 6 weeks and didn't want to leave all the hair issues for my husband to deal with. Friday, however, enjoys the whole combing process and thinks she possesses her own natural beauty and therefore, does not require a team of any kind to maintain her beauty.
Before I had kids I spent a lot of time loving my cats and now with this quiet time that I'm experiencing I can once again enjoy that simpler time...

Along with leaving comments on other blogs, I am also, in turn, inviting viewers to share in my blog. The blogs I visit are primarily knitting based and I don't seem to get as much knitting on here (or done) as I'd like.
I want to change that!
So today I went out and...

bought another book! (sorry, turn your head again....stupid!---ME; NOT YOU!!)

I have all the Harlot books and this one has already made it to the New York Times Best Seller List...and I will tell anybody who will listen that a knitting book has made it to the New York Times Best Seller List! I just think that is awesome.

Knitters Rock!

Back in September I wrote about, and showed a few pictures, of the KW Knitters Fair.

-----sigh----good day----

Often times I purchase yarn, well, for a number of reasons that non-knitters can just never understand! Some reasons transcend various shopping venues; eg. "It was on sale", just about everybody has used that one (even old yucky boyfriends should be able to understand that). Some of my more enlightened knitting friends understand when I say, "it spoke to me; it said, take me home with you", they understand this because they hear the yarn speak as well (your secret is safe with me; we stick together and nobody can put us away!) A non-knitter will ask, "do you need it?" and my reply is "No. Why do you ask? What does that possibly have to do with anything? I don't have that colour." (they need to invent some new colours---it's getting pretty saturated around here) "I don't have yarn from that country. I'm not hurting anybody. It's the last one there; somebody else will buy it if I don't!!!" (Like that explains it all!!) "It makes me happy!" (I personally LOVE that reason) "TOUCH IT!!!" (surely then, they will understand)

Where the non-knitter, or even the 'attempting to be helpful knitter' may indeed stump me is when they ask, "So, what ya' gonna make with it?"

----awkward silence----followed by goofy looking face----and then, the perfect answer....

"Did you touch it? It's silk? And it's only $X!!!" (say this convincingly and they'll believe it's a bargain, whatever you say!)

So, while at the fair I bought some silk.

I have silk in the stash. I have plenty of the beautiful colourway shown here (or you know, in the same family). I even have yarn from the country where the sheep were grown, sheered and yarn later spun. It wasn't necessarily on sale (don't like to admit that one!) I believe the yarn DID speak to me, although it was difficult to really concentrate, what with all the yarn fumes and all. So why did I buy it?

I liked the name.

The name of the yarn, rather the name of the yarn colourway, spoke to me. The name of the colourway reminded me of my daughter.

This is not the first time that the name of a yarn and/or colourway and/or pattern has found its way to my home (nor the last, I expect) and no, I didn't know what I was going to make with it.

The story does not end there! I was looking for...I don't know, something knitting related...and came across a magazine that I had taken with me during the summer to read and well, I guess it never officially got unpacked (hangs head in shame), and there it was. The perfect sweater for the 'had to have it yarn', and what made it the perfect sweater for the had to have it yarn?

The name.

Meant to be...

Further reinforced by the fact that it was the same weight of yarn called for in the pattern (Love that!)

Meant to be...

Needed two more skeins. Emailed Yarns Plus; Yarns Plus emailed back.

Yes, they have two more skeins --- and only two more skeins; in that colourway; in that dye lot.

Meant to be...

Called the nice man at Yarns Plus; he's a little taken with how this is all working out and will get the yarn in the mail for me tomorrow (love getting yarn in the mail!).

It really looks like it's all working out the way it is Meant to be...

Now, all I have to do is REALLY knit it!! Really!! With needles and pictures to show you and events to wear it to and buttons to pick out; just KNIT IT!!!

Right after I finish this sock...(can't show you; it's a surprise!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nice To Know I'm Not Alone---Even When I Am!

O.K. it's a little cryptic as far as a title goes, but here's the thing. I once again find myself alone on a Friday evening having enjoyed (beat this for a feast, if you can!) a wonderfully prepared egg salad sandwich, organic blue potato chips --- no trans fat --- (from the Superstore---don't go and buy them; they're hard enough to find!) and a generous glass of Petit Chablis.
Homemade Apple Crisp should follow shortly, alongside a gentle cup of bedtime tea.
Life is Good!
I've had a busy, long and pleasant day---only good news; followed by a nap---I say again,
Life is Good!
I sit back to enjoy my above mentioned feast and peruse the blogs that have made it to my 'favourites' list, and I go visit Susan .
Susan is a lace knitting genius! Someday I hope to be able to keep up with how her mind works, but right now? Right now, I toast her with my Petit Chablis...'To You Susan!'
As I look through her most recent post I say, "Hey!" And then I post these photos.
Fungus with moss:
Hamburger in Nature:
And I was pleasantly surprised that this one turned out as well as it did! It's like heavenly jelly fish or something.

I also took some pictures of mushrooms...
Lots of them....
On a dead tree....
They're cute....
Maybe this 'alone thing' is getting to me...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

R & R

Home again!
Home is good.
Fresh air is good!
Quiet is good.
Cats are good.
Children are good.
Husbands are good.
Real food is GREAT!!!!
Friends to take care of you IS FABULOUS!!!
Resting? Resting is good.
The instructions were...
"No Housework" (is jumping for joy against the rules too, then?)
"No lifting, bending, or squeezing"...
That leaves enough gentle time to admire what is happening outside. This is what happens in the front yard in the afternoon.

I watch the birds and squirrels in this tree as I take a break from reading,

knitting, and being thankful that I can now have a SHOWER!!!!

In the morning, the beautiful scent of flowers from friends and family fill the room that I'm spending my time in; then I sit and take in the wonder of the sun's reflection as it rises to bring, yet another, wonderful, crisp, fall day.

Isn't she breathtaking? Another Divine Goddess is born again today.

Monday, October 6, 2008

One more thing....

Just Because
Everyone Should Have a Goal!!!

Like I said...

I've been taking some pictures with every intention of passing some of them on to you, my blog viewers. Today I will recap some of my most recent files for your viewing pleasure.
Here is some creeping vine type of flora, from our property, in the fall.

Again, I have other shots at varying distances and angles; anyone interested?

Have a look at this!

This is from our friend's back deck overlooking their horse barn. I love it when I catch the sun's rays from behind a cloud. I had this as my desktop background for a few weeks....until I found free Knitting wallpaper downloads from Knitpicks. hehe

Next, we actually have yarn content...

I don't think I've shown you this before, but here is the scarf I made as a donation for a Silent Auction in support of Doane House Hospice. ~~~~~~~~~It sparkled~~~~~~~~~

On Saturday we had a lovely (I gotta get a new word) fall day and while my daughter was supposed to be cutting grass (she ran out of gas) she joined me for a little bit of a walk in the woods. It was a good thing actually, I got a little disoriented. The dog found her way out and so my girl went looking for me---she knows the area much better than I do.

There was no danger involved here; it's not the 'get lost and spend the night in the woods and call in Rescue Heros', kind of lost; just a, 'mmmm, this doesn't seem to be the right path and just keep moving toward the sounds of motors' kind of lost...really, 'lost' is too strong a word!

Turns out she has a pretty good eye for 'nature shots'. She pointed out how the branches curved over top of the path here; so I waited for her to get under it (called the dog back) and got this nice 'memory of our walk in the woods' shot.

An even more recent photo is from last night! Many of my friends joined me for the 13th Annual Wine and Food Celebration to raise funds for Doane House Hospice last evening at Madsen's Gardens Banquet Hall and Wedding Chapel. Several local restaurants and wineries donate time, food and staff to this event. We enjoyed a wide variety of foods and beverages...

There was a Surprise Live Auction thanks to a last minute huge donation!

There was the Silent Auction with over 50 items to bid on, including Artwork and passes to select events.

There were raffle tickets for the Centre pieces!

And this?

This is what it looks like to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

And yes!! That's a Red Hot Mama that won!! WoooHoooo!!!

As always, a good time was had by all. (That's something we say in our family) All the behind the scenes work really paid off and I'm sure that it was again, a very successful fundraiser!

Well, I won't be posting for a 'wee while' (another familyism) as I've got some things to take care of that will keep me away from the computer for awhile.

I hope all of you truly experience.......

the quiet of the changing seasons,

the joy of creativity,

the excitement of new possibilities,

the bliss of what is happening right now,

and the power that just stopping to breathe,

just one long, deep breath....can give you.

I'll write as soon as I'm able....Take Care of yourselves.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Intentions

You know, I take a good number of photos. I set up for the "photo shoot", I plan the story for the blog, I download the pictures, and then?
Well, later turns into tomorrow; turns into the day after; turns into next week and this time around it turned into next month!!
It's late, I'm tired (not sleeping that great lately), but I want to get something new out there for anybody to look at.
1) I submitted 3 blocks for Northcott's Quilt For the Cure challenge. And here they are:

Doane House for Barb. Appliqued using Steam-a-Seam, with machine stitch detailing. This was a lot of fun! Very fiddly and time consuming, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Camera of Hope with Yellow Tulips for Hayley (sorry you need to look sideways at it). Again, a design of my own. I used a spray glue on the fabric and then machine appliqued around all the edges. I really enjoyed this one too, however I would use Steam-a-Seam over the spray if I were to do another.

Sadly, Hayley lost her battle with Breast cancer at the end of August. She is dearly missed.

Lone Star for Mary. This pattern is usually done on a much larger scale and that detail proved a little more challenging than I expected, but Mary showed us her Lone Star quilt and I was inspired by that AND her determination to 'just keep going'!

There are more shots of these squares if anybody's interested, leave a comment and I'll give you the full image, or the close up, whichever is called for.

2)Some of the other story lines I've been percolating...

I bought some Knitting Needles; just because they're pretty.

I don't often use straights, but it's nice to know that these are here if I need them. They're just soooooo beautiful; kinda makes ya want to use straight needles again.

3)Sooooo, I talked with my friend Christine the other day (o.k. last month; a week, or maybe two ago) and we were talking about dog toys----doesn't everybody? And I remembered that I had seen this toy somewhere that a Pit Bull's, or some other incredibly strong jawed dog's, owner said was the "best ever"! A mini tire that stood up to the jaws of steel, where so many others became shreds of nothing in no time flat!

So, while I'm out getting, yet more, cat food, I remember this tire idea and find one. Bring it home and after about a dozen action shots, finally capture this:

Now that, my friends, is a picture of pure, unadulterated, joy.

FYI---the tire now has a hole in it. Jaws of Steel? No, just perseverance!