Monday, October 6, 2008

Like I said...

I've been taking some pictures with every intention of passing some of them on to you, my blog viewers. Today I will recap some of my most recent files for your viewing pleasure.
Here is some creeping vine type of flora, from our property, in the fall.

Again, I have other shots at varying distances and angles; anyone interested?

Have a look at this!

This is from our friend's back deck overlooking their horse barn. I love it when I catch the sun's rays from behind a cloud. I had this as my desktop background for a few weeks....until I found free Knitting wallpaper downloads from Knitpicks. hehe

Next, we actually have yarn content...

I don't think I've shown you this before, but here is the scarf I made as a donation for a Silent Auction in support of Doane House Hospice. ~~~~~~~~~It sparkled~~~~~~~~~

On Saturday we had a lovely (I gotta get a new word) fall day and while my daughter was supposed to be cutting grass (she ran out of gas) she joined me for a little bit of a walk in the woods. It was a good thing actually, I got a little disoriented. The dog found her way out and so my girl went looking for me---she knows the area much better than I do.

There was no danger involved here; it's not the 'get lost and spend the night in the woods and call in Rescue Heros', kind of lost; just a, 'mmmm, this doesn't seem to be the right path and just keep moving toward the sounds of motors' kind of lost...really, 'lost' is too strong a word!

Turns out she has a pretty good eye for 'nature shots'. She pointed out how the branches curved over top of the path here; so I waited for her to get under it (called the dog back) and got this nice 'memory of our walk in the woods' shot.

An even more recent photo is from last night! Many of my friends joined me for the 13th Annual Wine and Food Celebration to raise funds for Doane House Hospice last evening at Madsen's Gardens Banquet Hall and Wedding Chapel. Several local restaurants and wineries donate time, food and staff to this event. We enjoyed a wide variety of foods and beverages...

There was a Surprise Live Auction thanks to a last minute huge donation!

There was the Silent Auction with over 50 items to bid on, including Artwork and passes to select events.

There were raffle tickets for the Centre pieces!

And this?

This is what it looks like to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

And yes!! That's a Red Hot Mama that won!! WoooHoooo!!!

As always, a good time was had by all. (That's something we say in our family) All the behind the scenes work really paid off and I'm sure that it was again, a very successful fundraiser!

Well, I won't be posting for a 'wee while' (another familyism) as I've got some things to take care of that will keep me away from the computer for awhile.

I hope all of you truly experience.......

the quiet of the changing seasons,

the joy of creativity,

the excitement of new possibilities,

the bliss of what is happening right now,

and the power that just stopping to breathe,

just one long, deep breath....can give you.

I'll write as soon as I'm able....Take Care of yourselves.

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