Sunday, October 19, 2008

R & R

Home again!
Home is good.
Fresh air is good!
Quiet is good.
Cats are good.
Children are good.
Husbands are good.
Real food is GREAT!!!!
Friends to take care of you IS FABULOUS!!!
Resting? Resting is good.
The instructions were...
"No Housework" (is jumping for joy against the rules too, then?)
"No lifting, bending, or squeezing"...
That leaves enough gentle time to admire what is happening outside. This is what happens in the front yard in the afternoon.

I watch the birds and squirrels in this tree as I take a break from reading,

knitting, and being thankful that I can now have a SHOWER!!!!

In the morning, the beautiful scent of flowers from friends and family fill the room that I'm spending my time in; then I sit and take in the wonder of the sun's reflection as it rises to bring, yet another, wonderful, crisp, fall day.

Isn't she breathtaking? Another Divine Goddess is born again today.


Cotton Picker said...

Happy to hear you're back home and things are going well.


Inga and Uncle Ron

Connie said...

I'm glad to see you blogging again - and glad you are taking time to recover, breathe and enjoy the simple beauty around you. Our thoughts were with you - we're so glad it's over!

transitknitter said...

Beautiful thoughts and pictures. Let me know when you reach your goal. Good to have a good looking goal too.