Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Intentions

You know, I take a good number of photos. I set up for the "photo shoot", I plan the story for the blog, I download the pictures, and then?
Well, later turns into tomorrow; turns into the day after; turns into next week and this time around it turned into next month!!
It's late, I'm tired (not sleeping that great lately), but I want to get something new out there for anybody to look at.
1) I submitted 3 blocks for Northcott's Quilt For the Cure challenge. And here they are:

Doane House for Barb. Appliqued using Steam-a-Seam, with machine stitch detailing. This was a lot of fun! Very fiddly and time consuming, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Camera of Hope with Yellow Tulips for Hayley (sorry you need to look sideways at it). Again, a design of my own. I used a spray glue on the fabric and then machine appliqued around all the edges. I really enjoyed this one too, however I would use Steam-a-Seam over the spray if I were to do another.

Sadly, Hayley lost her battle with Breast cancer at the end of August. She is dearly missed.

Lone Star for Mary. This pattern is usually done on a much larger scale and that detail proved a little more challenging than I expected, but Mary showed us her Lone Star quilt and I was inspired by that AND her determination to 'just keep going'!

There are more shots of these squares if anybody's interested, leave a comment and I'll give you the full image, or the close up, whichever is called for.

2)Some of the other story lines I've been percolating...

I bought some Knitting Needles; just because they're pretty.

I don't often use straights, but it's nice to know that these are here if I need them. They're just soooooo beautiful; kinda makes ya want to use straight needles again.

3)Sooooo, I talked with my friend Christine the other day (o.k. last month; a week, or maybe two ago) and we were talking about dog toys----doesn't everybody? And I remembered that I had seen this toy somewhere that a Pit Bull's, or some other incredibly strong jawed dog's, owner said was the "best ever"! A mini tire that stood up to the jaws of steel, where so many others became shreds of nothing in no time flat!

So, while I'm out getting, yet more, cat food, I remember this tire idea and find one. Bring it home and after about a dozen action shots, finally capture this:

Now that, my friends, is a picture of pure, unadulterated, joy.

FYI---the tire now has a hole in it. Jaws of Steel? No, just perseverance!

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Connie said...

You certainly do have Creative Hands - your quilt blocks are stunning! See you Sunday at Madsen's! I've been thinking about you - all good thoughts!