Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shout Out to all the Lovelies!!

First, let me send a shout out to GW!! How could I possibly forget the lady that saved me with a loan of yarn and needles?!

The socks got started, but sadly, remain only partially complete.

You have not experienced any kind of senior moment; I was negligent in not returning your needles to you in a timely manner...

(I've had a few glasses of a lovely Shiraz with pizza for dinner; hence the colourful way I'm writing tonight!)

I have located and 'rounded' up your needles and will get them in the mail tomorrow (or Monday). Thanks again for your help; no one understands a knitter's needs like another knitter. :-)

O.K. so here was one of my finds at the KW Fair. Sock yarn with Stirling Silver!! It's new!! I don't know why I thought I should have it, but I know it's mine!

A lovely black/navy clolourway, with a hint of shine, named Midnight (as you can see on the label---duh)---love it!

Now for something that doesn't need to be knit!

This lovely lady? This is Agnes. Isn't she lovely?

'Lovely' seems to be the word of the evening.

Anyway, Agnes came home with me from the last Creative Festival; just because she's so special!

While in Kitchener I met up with the lovely (again) people at BLACK SHEEP AND EWE and met Dorothy.

I love her sweater and still dream of making one very similar!

I also found....


I love Jack.

Jack is a sweetheart and someday I hope to go to his wedding.

That, however, is another story!


Gretchen said...

Glad to know I'm cranking on most of my cylinders and that you do indeed have the circulars. No hurry on returning them, really. I still haven't made a mate for my Cat Bordhi sock, though there have been several pairs in between.

I do love your Agnes - I think it's the shoes that really get me. Thy're just so . . . lovely!


Connie said...

Pick Up Sticks needs a Jack, Dorothy and Agnes for the window don't you think? Bad enough that we enable each other with yarn - now it has to be animals too!

Maggie R said...

Hello fellow Canadian!
OMG These sheep are priceless....
Thanks for the smile of the morning.
Waving from Ingersoll, Ontario