Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And We're Back!

The computer is all updated, restarted and apparently happy enough to be here and allow me to post some pictures of one of the best days of my life!!

It was an early start for a Saturday morning for a few of the Cast Offs! We were on the road complete with coffee in hand, and Daniel our trusted (well along with a Mapquest Map) GPS guide, by 7:50 am. I generally don't even get dressed by that time in the morning, never mind out driving and picking up people; but then, this was for yarn.

We arrived in Kitchener (without a single wrong turn---thanks Daniel) around 9:15 (doors open at 9:30) to this:

An ever growing lineup!! Who cares if the skies were to open and deluge us with 100mm of rain? Is it just me, but why wouldn't it be reported as 10cm? Does that sound worse or something? Anyway, why the sock? I'm so glad you asked. Due to an unfortunate Knitting injury one of our Cast Offs was unable to attend the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair. She is also unable to knit---due to too much knitting (without sufficient wine breaks to aid in lubrication of the joints!)---and this is a sock she was working on with a completion date of Oct. 4; I offered to complete the sock and decided that even if Ruth couldn't make it to the Fair, then her sock would! Unfortunately, this is the only photo of said sock until I got home; blame it on the Yarn Fumes!

O.K. we get in the door and then have to decide which room to go to first?! I went with the one I was closest to after we hit the ladies room and also Debbie New was knitting at the doorway---divine intervention I believe.
So, common knowledge that I don't need yarn. Probably just as common knowledge that that very fact has never stopped me before, but this time? This time it was going to be different!

Stop laughing.

My first purchases were not yarn.

Definitely yarn and knitting related (hello? Knitters fair!).

See? Not yarn.

I'm doin' good. I'm o.k. I have lots of beautiful yarn at home and not nearly enough time to knit it all.

And then? Then I saw this.

Isn't that striking? It looks like a lot of fun....someday.

And once I got warmed up...

So yea, I bought some more yarn. See the happy sock in the middle of it all?

You know, I get out to these kind of sales/events as often as I can and am known to consistently Enhance the Stash on these occasions, but I gotta tell you...I did show restraint and after I added up how much I spent (I rarely do that) I spent virtually the same amount as I did the first time that I went to the Creative Festival down in Toronto in 2000! Now, take inflation into account, and I'm sure that I spent far less this time around!

I've now been to the Knitter's Frolic twice and yes, this was my first time to the KW Fair; so I think I've come up with a reasonable plan (we all know about me and my plans! sheez) ! I will (attempt) to budget for those two sales each year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Fabulous!! And maybe as a treat I'll get to a Stitches Event (or two) every(year) now and then.

And now a reminder from the medical community.

To your health!


kgbknits said...

Oh yes, the lovely and talented Daniel got us there and back with no trouble at all. The sock was very happy.
Now, what about that budget?.......
I didn't know there was a deadline for the sock? Is there a deadline for the slippers? Eeeeeek!!!

Creativehands said...

Yup! The slippers are on the same deadline---oops, didn't we mention that?

Ruth said...

Better late than never - but the socks were great and I thank both winewindandbloopers and kgbknits for coming to the aid of the temporarily helpless with slippers and socks!