Friday, August 31, 2012


I thought I would test this out to see if I could still make this new fangled innerweb thing work.
It took me a while, but I did manage to find the right button to click on to be able to write these few words for you to read.  I did not, however find any pictures that I wanted to include and I'm not up to finding the camera and getting some new material.
Summer has flown by and for a family that had little to no plans, it has been another busy one!
We have a new more Mini.
We went on a Cruise...Caribbean in August = HOT, HOT, HOT!! (insert musical notes here ;-))
There has been knitting.
There has been baby making.  (again, NOT ME!!  I just like to share the joy with others.  hehe)
After I pay some bills and try to find clear spaces to work...I'll work on getting some pictures and new insights out here to share. 
Enjoy your long weekend and...