Friday, October 31, 2008

Double Duty

There are a number of very important things that I want to share with you today...and since I wanted this sharing to start yesterday, but was interrupted by children wanting to use my laptop instead of the PC designated for their use because, (all together now with a whine)"It's too sloooowwww," today's post will have twice as much excitement as yesterday!

Well, I'm excited.

Yesterday I had an appointment in Cookstown. Cookstown has a wonderful quilting store, but I get into serious trouble whenever I go in there; so I decided to pace myself and NOT visit it this time around. Yay me! I did rationalize to my driver, however that since I was behaving myself and choosing not to go see the new fabrics, it is only fair that I stop at the yarn shop that we go by on the way home. We go by it if we take that route. We could get home via another route, an even a faster route, that has less traffic and lights, but that wouldn't make any sense, because there's no yarn shop when we go that way! We go to Pick Up Sticks. I had received some emails letting me know about some new yarns that they have available now...and of course some sweet sale items too.

Isn't that a lovely colourway? Isn't it a lovely artsy-fartsy attempt at a photo shoot? I LOVE Noro yarn. This is Silk Garden Light. It's wonderful. I want to knit it, but.....
I should finish a few other things first.
I am slowly starting to embrace the fact that I just may be a 'Process Knitter' and not so much a 'ResultsKnitter', or maybe just a SEVERE case of 'startitis' (severe actually barely scratches the surface)...
Moving on...
Here's where the wonderful Noro found itself next:

Feeling a definite affinity to the whole autumn, pumpkin theme.
This however, can't be normal. Is it so bad that we're just going to skip the whole knitting process and start to wear balls of yarn??!!
Looks good though doesn't it?

There are a number of knit bloggers (yes, I'm referring to the Harlot again) out there who also use (as in I took their idea) nature as a backdrop for their knitted showcasing.

Me? I take pictures of yarn that I buy.
As I mentioned earlier that there were sweet sales at Pick Up Sticks (umm, Noro wasn't part of the sale---hehe) and while we were in there, quite a few other customers dropped in as well. I was pretty focused on the Noro bins, but my driver (a NON-KNITTER) just kind of hung back, watching and listening. I firm up the details of my latest yarn desire (LYD?) and I turn to see my friend, who has been quoted when sent on previous yarn shop errands, "Can you say 'fish out of water'?", is standing holding 3 skeins of yarn. I smile and ask her if she's getting some ideas; I'm thinking that I'm going to be asked to make a little something for her.
She says, (and I quote---again), "No, you're gonna teach me to knit. I want to make a scarf for me, my husband and my son and these are the colours I want to use."
I thought she might be teasing me, cruel as that might be, I just never imagined that she would be interested! She wasn't teasing! She wanted to make scarves! She picked the yarn 1) because she overheard another novice knitter talking about it and how much it sounded like a good starter project and 2) she liked the colour (RED) and 3) it was on sale. Didn't even pay attention to what type of yarn it was, where it came from, touching it was secondary to the colour (I'm working on that one). Do you know what she picked for her first project? What yarn is on sale at Pick Up Sticks? Where she has set the bar for her future yarn purchases?
She liked the colour!?!
On the way home ---with our purchases---the topic of how much yarn I already possess came up (yet again) and she just wondered, why? I know others often ask the same thing. And I can only reassure you that for all the yarn that is housed here; there is sooo much more....o.k. a fair amount....alright! Some...yarn that I choose not to bring home.
The question still remains:
Is there any real knitting going on?

Yes there is!!! (Apparently, I'm not the only one easily distracted from the whole knitting/producing knitwear/blog idea!---Have a look at Too Much Wool---like THAT can ever happen!?)
One more scarf started. On this perfectly fabulous Halloween we sat outside and cast on! I'll work on the same pattern as my friend! I'll use my Hand Maiden and she'll use her Misti Alpaca. I can help at whatever point she is and I'll get something done from the 'MotherStash'.
Speaking of mothers...(mine's good; see previous posts)...have a look at this blog, Passing Down Crazy.
You're not alone, you're not alone; we all have days. Weeks. Months. Gasp, years.
So that's my excitement, new Noro, new Knitter (she's gonna be gooooood!), beautiful Halloween day and night, real knitting to show you. Yup, big post! Sharing the fruits of my labour and sharing the love of my craft.
Life is Goooood.

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kgbknits said...

Ahhh, a knitter after my own heart. Yeah for her! You know how I feel about Alpaca!

I have yet to make it to Pick up Sticks. Someday....