Monday, December 29, 2008


It has been a very eventful year.
There have been many Celebrations and sometimes those Celebrations haven't necessarily been especially joyful.
Too many times this past year I've had to Celebrate someone's life as they are no longer here to share future Celebrations. At least not in body.
I've lost two friends to cancer this year and yesterday I Celebrated my second cancer-free anniversary. I took some quiet time away to reflect and to re-energize.
I've made plans for the future, but have come to acknowledge, that all we can really count on is what is happening right now! We cannot change what will happen, but we can hope and look forward to a future that is bright and full of friendship and laughter and love.
We can also remember, knowing that it was indeed a past that is done.
Fifteen years ago, I was living in Collingwood, ON. I was soon to purchase my first home. A semi that had been immaculately renovated and decorated by a hard working European couple. I moved in with my cat and my dog.
A short time later a nurse that I was working with, heard about a stray kitten that had been found and needed a home. I went to see him.
He was about four months old and a bundle of energy.
I took him home; how could I not?
Next, he needed a name.
At that point in time I was in my Kenny G phase of music appreciation and one evening while driving around town it came to me...
Kenny C---the cat from Collingwood!
My dog loved him! I remember watching them play and Bailey coming over to me to, well, thank me for getting her that kitten!
My husband and I had been dating for a few months when I adopted Kenny and they became quick buddies.

Kenny enjoyed being outside and sitting on the hot tub was a great way to keep warm!

Visitors were often greeted with this pose and Kenny was always ready for a belly rub.

The past few months though, our fourteen year old Kenny had been fading.

Today, I came home to find a sad, sick, old cat. He wasn't having a good time here anymore.

The kids and I said our good-byes and while we Celebrate the wonderful cat that he was...we're sad and we'll miss him.

Good bye Kenny.


Cotton Picker said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kenny. I have a 15 year old cat who has used up most of her time on earth. After she's gone, I will have no more pets - too heartbreaking when you lose them.

I can really empathize with you.

transitknitter said...

Oh I'm sorry. He was lovely and will I am sure you will miss him. Wonderful that you had him for that special moment in time. Lovely for him to have been loved.

kgbknits said...

Kenny was a lovely cat, and I'm so sorry that he is gone. You and your family will miss him.