Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day

My children have impressed me so much this past weekend with their thoughtfulness and creativty. I share with you their rememberance days poems.

Remember the soldiers who fought;
Take that as a thought.
Remember the soldiers who died,
And they did not lie.
Remember the nurses who fed,
And they put them to bed.
Remember the soldiers who tried,
And now you cry.
Remember the soldiers who came,
And when they left it rained.
Remember the nurses who saved;
They were brave.
So when you see a poppy...
You should copy.
H.B. - 9 YRS
Remember in November

To all the people who gave there lives
To all the people who never saw the sun rise
To you and me
To all you can see
We must remember
In the month of November
Were poppies grow
I hope you know
That people died
And now they lie
So you and me
Could be free
And that is why we must remember
In the month of November
There was more to the war
There were more who were sore
All very sad
And some very mad
Because their family and friends
Were not there in the end
And that is why we all must remember
In the month of November
S.B. - 12 YRS
Yes, we will remember.
Thank-you guys, you make me proud.

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Ruth said...

The poems are absolutely wonderful and you are so lucky to have such talented children -- obviously they can be forgiven for so much (eggs and such) when they show such warmth and empathy!! Thanks for sharing - my dear winewoolandwhoppers (not winewindandbloopers - sorry!)