Monday, September 17, 2007

Here I go...

Here's my blog, everybody! I'll see what I can get up here.
Today is the day to prime the front window.
I'm trying to get a picture up; one thing at a time!
Check back again, when I know how to work this whole thing a little better. :o)


Sue said...

YOOOO HOOOOO, good for you Lynne. A blog where the Castoffs can talk.

What could be better then wine and wool.....a great combination!!

KGB said...

Congratulations on the new blog!

I agree with and wool make a great combination. I'm not so sure about the Whoppers about VODKA!! Yeah, that's it..some nice Russian Vodka! Of course, that would mean a lot of TINKING, instead of KNITTING.

You're on my Favourites list now. Looking forward to some great pictures and postings.

Ruth said...

WOW - What a great idea Lynn and the name is so very relevant.

Now I always knew you were not just another pretty face, but a technogeek competing with none other than KGB. What a challenge to undertake!!

Seriously, I'm looking forward to being a regular reader and contributor ... if I can ever figure out how!??!**

Ruth said...

What does a French Maid look like?