Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wait, there's more!

Well Julie, here are some more pictures;
are you getting any information as to
who may indeed have murdered
Herr Bevore?

Or were you too busy listening to all the other conversations and sending info back to H.Q.?

Yes, all is forgiven after the end of a war, but not until we know who the murderer is!

So toast us as much as you like
General Kopov, you still are a key suspect as far as I'm concerned!

Trying to throw us off from suspecting you by breaking your glasses? I don't think so.

Now here is someone we should all be careful of!! Nothing good ever came from fraternizing with a traveling sausage salesman!

'E looks zo French, non?

And no he wasn't just glad to see us...
he had his sausage that he kept showing us! Nurse Gently even took its pulse...normal.

(My daughter asked me if I was sure that there were only ladies here?)

Here is Phil pulling out all the stops to try to get try 'is sausage! Thank goodness Nurse Gently had the good sense to provide everyone with
Le Prophelactic! With all the celebrating going on and the war over and all, we don't need anymore 'accidents'!

Hmm, what's that suspicious weapon infront of Phil? Could it be...a basting brush?!?

Sock les blue!! (I know the spelling is off, but I have been interrupted at least a dozen times while trying to post this blog! Note to self: don't blog when people are home! Even the dog made me go outside!)

And here is what a wonderful start to my day looks like...
1)Coffee (my own blend of Folgers Simple Smooth and Folgers Decaf ---Regular, thank-you very much, with organic sugar---it's sweeter; so you need less and light 1/2 & 1/2) in MY CUP!!!
2) Magazine: We've got a little tradition started with all of our get togethers that we pick a letter that the theme of the evening starts with; for example our first crack at this was a Wedding/Wine Shower. We all pitched in a $5(ish) gift that started with a 'W', and then at the end of the evening we mix all the gifts up and everybody goes home with a special favour from the party. At our first Murder Mystery we went with the letter 'M' (martini seemed to get a bit of attention at that one) And this time around, because the mystery was based in France; we went guessed it 'F' -- which quickly became the 'effin' gift! I was lucky enough to receive Bon Appetit Magazine the Fall Cooking Special. (A knitting magazine is also a completely acceptable substitute in this situation)
3) It was a beautiful, quiet morning; not too hot; not too cold and I got to sit remembering and enjoying the time that I spend with my friends.

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