Sunday, February 28, 2010

Four Years and Many Knitting Projects Ago...

...I was finishing up my Olympic Knitting. I had completed my cabled sweater, had my photo shoot and proudly wore it to many post Olympic Celebrations.
There was no question in my mind that this time around I would indeed compete AND complete the challenge I signed on for.

I prepared, as I said I would:

I dealt with and overcame equipment malfunctions (as any true Olympian would):

I patiently waited until the opening ceremonies to officially cast on, because that's what the rules stated.

There was a bit of a restart that first weekend...see the wine glass? Not the only one enjoyed at the ceremony...just sayin'.
I devoted as much time, in all conditions possible, to the completion of my task, and I'm very pleased with my results...

So Far.
I will be awarding myself a DNF for this round of Olympics.
I'm somewhat disappointed, you know like the Canadian Women's Curling team, but while I didn't actually complete my sweater (almost two sleeves and a back did get done, however) I do have a design on paper. I've made changes to my design based on how the knitting looked while being worked up. (I wish that "The Yarn Whisperer" wasn't already taken...although I just went to find a link and while there seems to be a number of Yarn Whisperers, none of them seem especially current. Hmmmm....)
And most importantly, my family and my sanity are still intact.
Maybe next time.

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Maria said...

Just think how much more knitting you got done in the last two weeks than you would have, had you not started this challenge! I'm not sure if my sanity is intact!