Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a Knitter thing.

Some of you may have been following the recent antics of the Yarn Harlot, and if not, I highly recommend it! She's a wonderful knitter, gets the whole, "for the love of wool" thing, has written books, has won awards for her blog and started the Knitting Olympics (I've already chosen my summer entry!) It's because of her that I own a Shelridge Farm Knit Kit - Border Collie Shirt-tail (not in the Creative Plan for 2008, but the year is young). It's becasue of her that I am part way through the Mystery Stole of 2007 (It's a lovely project, but I need SOLITUDE, wonderful, peaceful, SOLITUDE. (Whatever the kind of Knitter is , that 'waits for a particular mood to work on a particular project'; that's me) It's because of her, that I made the Tulip sweater...just because.

And then, the Harlot started those Vintage Socks and, I'll be darned, those leaves DID look like fun! So I went to the website (Stephanie makes it so easy to connect with her pushers); but I have a lot of sock yarn in the stash already waiting to be brought to life (again, not so much a part of this years plan) and where the idea of the Vintage was GENIUS, the colourways didn't call to me; I was able to click 'Back' without submitting a credit card number. Pat on the back for me! (We celebrate the small victories as well as the large ones)

I'm not sure whether it was before or after the inception of the Vintage socks that Stephanie began the "Must Have Cardi", but one of her entries asked where people might be able to find the Patons Booklet "Street Smart"? I had, only the week before, purchased that same book (!) at Michael's in Newmarket and posted a little blurb about it in her comments.

She wrote back.

The Yarn Harlot wrote back to me---personally and on-line, like!

Now, not to scare her or anything, but I'm a bit of a 'groupie'. I mean, I read her blog (faithfully; I even copied and pasted this awesome quote:

"I may not agree with what you are knitting, but I would defend with all my stash your right to knit it."

I showed up at her birthday celebration at her, of course, LYS, Lettuce Knit. I went to a stifling HOT gathering of knitters in Aurora to see her. I got a picture of her, taking a picture of us, at Stitch N Pitch in Toronto and was aghast when my firend asked Joe where his knitting was?! (she didn't know who he was with!)

And then, just the other day, this came in the mail:

From here:

(Fun yarn fabric added to protect confidentiality!)

And look....

Coffee stains!

I had posted frustration with not being able to find this pattern book; I know I've had it in my hands, but for some strange reason had never bought it! (It does happen) And now, a mere 22 years after it was published, I can't find it!

Well, that's inconvenient.

I needed the pattern to help finish a sweater (the one the lady beside the guy with the coffee stain is wearing) that a dear friend of mine started, but sadly she passed away before she could get it finished. Carole made the back and most of the front, but there was no pattern...

Until now.

Thank-you Stephanie. And just as you "incorporated" into the Vintage Sock a little of your own flesh and blood; (never mind the sweat and tears).

The hair secured to the tape? It arrived intact.

Yea, it's a Knitter thing.

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