Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines 2008 and an IDEA!!

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!
Gotta say, I was having a little trouble getting into the whole spirit of things over the past few days; just too many other things on my mind!
I went into the Superstore in Aurora last night (a window of opportunity while shuttling children) and was reminded; without a doubt that today was THE BIG DAY!! But I didn't want to stand there to buy cards. I thought about making cards at home...not lovin' that idea so much, as it would take a lot of time (don't have it), won't truly be appreciated by the people that I would be making them for, not exactly environmentally friendly and last, but not least, we've already got a bunch of crap around here (with more on the way from sources beyond my control...cough, school, cough).
So there I was driving around, feeling guilty (so what else is new?) and my thoughts turned to the lovely things and ideas that Cotton Picker has come up with, but again who here would get it?
And then...BOOM!
What if I made fabric cards that then could be sewn together to make a blanket/quilt? A rag quilt out of flannellette. Making these squares/cards to mark special occaisions throughout the year! It's fun. It uses scraps. It's meaningful. It's useful. It's creative. And, at this point, quick enough that I could actually get it started with this card-giving-themed day!
It all fell into place so easily and you know it's meant to be when that happens.
So here's a close up. They're 7" x 7", with a 1/2" seam planned; for a finished square of 6". I've never actually made a rag flannel quilt and didn't have time to look up the proper directions, so I've kind of basted around the edge and finish it properly after I've worked out the kinks.

The plan so far has gone from including batting in the 6" centre, to leaving it as is (maybe add some quilting) or maybe all it needs is another layer of flannellette in between. Suggestions?

I kept it pretty simple this time around, but know that more detailed squares will be a part of the end result. I've signed and dated the back of each square and look forward to putting something together to celebrate our family's special times.
And dont' worry...I picked up some chocolate at the Superstore and baked a heart shaped cake; so even if I'm the only one getting geared up for this idea, the rest of them will have something sweet to nibble on.
Love to All.

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Cotton Picker said...

What a great idea. If I was making a rag quilt, I would use an extra layer of flannel vs batting.

BTW, my sister lives a few minutes walk away from the Superstore in Aurora.

Happy Valentine's Day.