Friday, February 29, 2008

No, Really!

I had a chat with my son earlier today while we were on the way to get his braces fixed (small repair needed) and he got talking about (again) trying out for Rep Hockey next year.
I reminded him of the Rep Hockey Camp that he attended in the summer...AND his dissatisfaction of same camp! I also mentioned that maybe it was time to choose between hockey and skiing. Skiing opportunities have been missed because of hockey and hockey has been missed (thereby letting the team down; not to mention the cost!) to take advantage of some skiing time.
"Choose between hockey and skiing," he exclaimed!
"Yes," I said.
"That would be like you having to choose between wool and chocolate!"
I took a moment to think about it; could I live without chocolate? Yes, and there would probably be some health benefits as well; so, "Wool.
"O.K.," says he, "bad example."
"No, I thought about it."
"Wool or coffee," he presses on.
That one was even easier ( I like tea too!). "Wool".
In shock, he responds, "What about the massive headache?"
"I'ld knit my way through it," I answer.
"O.K., O.K. What about....Wool and Dad?"
I laugh nervously, "Oh, I can't decide. I love them both." I continue to giggle, which of course gets my son giggling more too.
"Come on, mom. Wool or dad?"
"Don't make me decide," (more giggling)
"Wool or dad?"
"Don't make me decide!"

No, really!! Don't make me answer wouldn't be pretty.

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ooh some hard decisions to make there lol