Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Feb. 18

I've just gotten (with the help of my dear friend L-e) my laptop up and online again. Really, lots of times it's the simplist little thing that can hold something up for MONTHS!! Anyway, one of the remaining glitches is that the time is wrong; it's a battery thing and not very much a priority for me.

I'm not liking this idea of calling today 'Family Day'. We need the provincial government to legislate a day to spend with our family???? What happened to Sunday? Or even Saturday? That's how old I am; I remember weekends as a time that families spent together. No more, I guess; we need to have a paid day off to make that happen. And that fact alone, makes for a not so restful time here at Creativehands Central.

We are employers. So the government is not providing a day off with pay for people to share time with their families....WE ARE!! As business owners, we are required (and I was an 'employee' for many, many years; as opposed to an 'employer', so I know the other side too) to pay 2 weeks holidays, plus a (now) total of 9 Statutory holidays, which is as good as another 2 weeks of wages! That is a fair amount of profit going out without any earnings being generated for that same amount of time.

Can businesses continue to grow if they are being chipped away at by the government? Is there incentive to hire more emloyees? Is there incentive for people to start more businesses to provide employment opportunities to others?

I've stood by my husband as he worked 52 weeks a year and usually 7 days a week over the past 12 years to grow a successful business. The early days were really draining and as the workload increased so that he needed to hire people, I wonder if he would've chosen the path of growth if he had known that for everyone you hire, you'll have to pay them for four weeks and they won't be showing up to make the business any money in that time?!

I think I hear you nodding.

I don't generally get into work related rants; I find it too stressful and would much rather stick to yarn and fabric and baking etc. But I did feel strongly about calling this 'Family Day' and when I shared my objections with my husband...well, I got his viewpoint as well and thought that it possesed some merit as well.

Let's see if I can find a fun picture and get it on here for you.

Me posing with my KNITTERS Magazine in the summer of 2005 at the ruins in Pula, Italy. I drove there ALL BY MYSELF!!! The fact that I drove while in Europe is one of most prized accomplishments; someday, I hope I have enough energy to go back!

So Happy Monday everybody; here's to a fabulous Tuesday!

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