Friday, January 18, 2008

Today? Today, I will blog!

So, here's the thing.

There aren't enough hours in a day.

No surprise there.

But here's something, I enjoy writing, and I miss it when I don't have time to do some; even for fun (which is all the writing I do). That was one of the reasons that I started blogging, to get some of my writing urges out there. And you can tell that I wanted to be writing lately, as the comments I've left on other blogs have been somewhat lengthy (see Yarn Harlot of yesterday) and my emails to my friends even lengthier. (lengthier?)

In high school, as graduation approached and I had NO idea what to do after Parkside District High School, I went to see the Guidance Counselor and did a little test to see what direction I should go. It was a questionnaire that, with anyone who had any common sense, could be swayed to give any result that you wanted it to. I did, however, try to 'let the answers come from within'.

And the profound results indicated that I should pursue a career of....

Writing about music, while sitting underneath a tree.

Yup, there's a promising future in that!

Now, to be fair, that was before knitting came into my life, and now, while I still enjoy music very much, the results would be more along the lines of 'writing about knitting, while sitting underneath a tree and listening to music on your MP3'. That would be the 2008 version; in 1981? I still used a record player and the cassette in the car was COOL!! (and cost extra)

So what else have I been up to?

I have the best Biscuit recipe. One of my knitters sent it me after seeing it on Oprah (the show or the site, I don't know). Here's a picture:

They taste better than they look! And see that paper? That's the recipe. Can I find the recipe? NO. Did I look through everything three times to find the recipe. YES!

So back I went to my emails (I'm not very good at deleting emails--takes too much time and I might need them again someday; case in point: see above!) Found the link and recipe again, printed it off, again. Twice. Filed it in my sweet recipe binder and my savoury recipe binder and saved a copy in My Favourites on my computer. Compulsive? Well maybe, but you otta try these; they are wonderful. The recipe is here.

Now, further to previous posts...

Yes, this is how bad I've got it. I buy Kleenex boxes just because they have yarn and knitting pictured on the box. Aren't they neat? I know, you're jealous.

On Tuesday I had an appointment in Cookstown, and in the past I have stopped at the fabulous Quilt Shop called Country Concessions, but not this time. (Here is where a virtual pat on the back is needed for being strong enough to resist the quilt shop.) And that pat on the back will be followed by a shaking of the head because, while I didn't add to my fabric stash this week; well...I stopped at Pick Up Sticks in Bradford and hooked up with some Dream in Colour for the adult Tulip sweater and the Jeanie shawl. I started the Tulip sweater...FYI it wasn't in the 2008 plan. Ooops.

After I got home from Connie's shop I had an incredible desire for coffee, or maybe tea? I went with tea and this is one of my favourite tea cups. Homesense! Love Homesense.

Here's the finale of my Christmas knitting! The pattern is from Knitty and they're called Babe.

Felted Skate Guards!! I read about them on the Yarn Harlot, my son saw the picture and exclaimed, "I want them!" Music to a mother's ears when the kid will bearly wear long sleeve shirts, because he's too hot, never mind a sweater!

Above you can see the before and after of felting. Below you can see the other pair that I made for my hockey playin' gal pal L.

The pattern calls for Noro Kureyon and is sized for an adult skate. I used the Kureyon for my son's and Cascade for my friends. They are definitely sized for an adult skate and could use some adjusting for that. The Cascade also felted WAY better. I wouldn't make the ties so long next time.

And yes, I have a pink hammer. Doesn't everybody?


Creativehands said...

It's 9:31 and that's when the post REALLY got posted! I thought I was doing really well with all my links and pictures and stuff, but my Copy and Paste links didn't work. If you need the info. to get to the sites that I've talked about, post a message and I'll try to sort it out.
It was going so well, grrrrr.

Cotton Picker said...

When you add a link, you get a pop up box showing http:// and then you copy and paste the link into the box. I delete the http:// that's already in the box BEFORE I paste the URL into the box. Otherwise you will get http://http:// (twice) and it won't work. You can go back in and edit and fix it. Not sure if this is the problem, just speculating.

And yes, I'd say you have an addiction/obssession when you buy Kleenex boxes just because they have pictures of yarn on them. I totally understand. :)

Louise M said...

Are you still looking for a copy of Irrestible Arans. I'd like to keep my copy but would be happy, dare I say it, to send you a scanned copy.


Creativehands said...

Thanks to Cotton Picker, my links are active!! I'm so excited; it took a while, but it sure feels good when it works.
And thank-you, louise m, I think I have one on the way from a very supportive source, and I'll post when it comes...thanks again.