Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There Must Be Something In The Air!

I know pictures in blogs make them more interesting, but I'm not feeling it tonight.
What I did want to comment on and share with you are some funnny knitters!
Someone new to my lurking (although, I commented today) is Mary. I found her through Maria. Mary wrote a wonderful blog today and honestly, I want to print it and put it in a folder for prosperity, it was just that enjoyable. Go there, read it, but first be sure that you don't have your mouth full, so as not to spit upon your computer and that you have tissue available to wipe the tears of laughter away.
While you're equipped with the supplies needed to read the trials and tribulations of knitters, be sure to visit Stephanie. I also commented there (you'll have to read through quite a few comments before you find mine, but it's there! I checked.) and thought I should have a recent post so as to entice potential readers to return to Wine Wool and Whoppers! (I'm thinking of changing my blog name; is that allowed?)
My knitting friends, mostly the Cast Offs, may remember the story that I shared with Stephanie. Let's just say, eye drops, Bamboo yarn, and renovations are not an especially good mix. Opening a bottle of wine and/or beer, however, is an appropriate response to any eye drop and yarn situation. I think we can all agree on that.
I have some wonderful knitterly-type ideas rumbling around so don't forget to check back to see what's new. In the mean time you can go here to keep up to date of what's going on.
FYI: Eleven days until World Wide Knitting In Public Day!
I know; I can hardly contain myself as well!
So keep knitting and keep smiling!


Maria said...

Mary is that funny all the time!!! I don't know if you can change your blog name.....That's how I found your blog in the first place!!!

Jennifer said...

saw your comment on Yarn Harlot's blog - what are you asking for the Bamboo?

Jenni in Edmonton