Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Productive Day!!!

Thought I'd show you what I've been up to for the past couple of days...
Flannel. Birthday Flannel.

My daughter turns 10 tomorrow and she's a ballerina!
We have a pond, so......

Ballerina Frogs!! Soft, cozy, dancing, ballerina frog pajamas! Don't they just make you smile?

I also completed a sock. One sock. My idea (that I came up with this morning) is to present my girl with the one sock....
and then, she can tell me if she wants a sock to match that one or she can choose the colours that she wants for a co-ordinating sock! Takes the pressure off me and involves her in making a fashion choice for herself and she finally gets the hand knit socks she's been after. (I sure hope she doesn't take the scissors to them! Stranger things have happened.)

I followed up on some emails and phone calls. (more party planning)

Did a full, FULL load of dishes by hand (the kids dried) because my dishwasher gave up the ghost yesterday and that darned dish washing fairy didn't come by last night a look after the dinner dishes! It's getting replaced tomorrow.

Managed to have a little bit of a nap because I'm trying not to let this cold and cough take full hold, but had to get up because my little darling decided she needed to clean out her desk in the room next to mine and apparently that involves a lot of banging and crashing...I haven't had a look at it yet; better check that out.

And finally finished something that my husband has been after me to do for a couple of months now.

Baby Blankets. Stop it!!! We're too old for that nonsense!

He needed one for a gift for a special little girl and I finally got around to putting something together for him to choose from. I made five, so the next time he says I need a blanket, (he works with a prolific bunch) I'll say, "Here, pick one!"

So, you know what happens when you have such a productive day?


And maybe paper plates too.

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