Friday, March 15, 2013

So This is Friday

So this is Friday. 
The last "official" day of March Break 2013.  I too, like the Harlot, was able to spend the ENTIRE WEEK ALONE (with the dog and the cats) as I chose not to go West and freeze (some more) because Spring will surely come to Ontario in March.  Here's the thing...while I did see a Robin, while there were some fairly decent above zero temperatures (when it wasn't bitterly cold) and there was a bit of sunshine...the day my family left to go skiing?  It snowed here.  They are scheduled to arrive home later today's snowing. 
I missed the wonder that was Spring LAST March Break and it was my hope and plan that I would not let that happen this year; yet here I sit...watching the snow. 
Another kick start to remember to live in the moment and not try to recapture that which was in the past.
Now, I wasn't able to get out on my bike, nor did I have the desire to really venture outside much at all (I am soooo done with Winter by the time March comes along) other than to meet up with my friends, but I was presented with an unexpected option to "Spin First" this March Break and as you've been reading, I wholeheartedly joined in!
Here is that funky bright fibre hanging out in the Laundry room.  I think I liked it in fibre form better than spun's kind of muddy now; I'll see how it goes when it's knit up.

Next, I finished spinning the Mohair and Merino Batt that I found so intimidating and L-O-V-E it!!  It spun a lot easier than I ever expected and the end result has a lovely highlighted quality to it; I'm very excited to work on the scarf that it was destined to become.

Next after spinning the muddy and the grey, (while looking at muddy with some white and a lot of grey that is our yard) I decided I will spin GREEN!  Something that is cheery and portrays hope and life.  I went through the fibre stash and found a couple of options, but when I found this Sweet Georgia Panda...well, I said out loud, "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!"  And what a winner it was!  A joy to spin, a pleasure to ply and a wonder to behold!  I cannot WAIT to create something heavenly with this puppy!


So after Green I want to go with another cheerful colour....

May I introduce Dyehard Superwash Merino "L".  It's not really that orangey, but it's a lovely fibre to work with and the colour was enchanting.  Here again, I'm illustrating pre and post drafting.
Here is my Finished Friday Photo!  (Ohhh, I'm gettin' me some ideas with that title!)  Six skeins of Hand spun (by me) in one week of alone, spin first, time.
Here is a shot capturing the contrast between hope and reality.  For one thing I hoped that the picture would turn out better and that you could actually see the yarn and then there's the Tulips...think Spring, Pink and Green...versus the ever continuing reality that March in Ontario means Snow.  (Heck, APRIL in Ontario means snow!)
"Is there anything more you can show us Miss. Winewoolandwhoppers?" 
Why, yes, yes there is.  Part 1 of Catkin is complete and I am now ready to tackle the charts of Part 2! 
I also FINALLY put together an apron for myself that I have had cut out and waiting for YEARS!!  Thanks to The Castoffs for encouraging me to get this done.  As with many of the crafty ones among us, I've made quite a few of these...for other people...and never for myself, well that ended yesterday as I put the final touches on the apron featuring some of the things I love.

A recap of the "Finished Friday Photo"....

I'm not quite through with this whole Spinning First idea though...
How long do I have 'til their back?

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