Friday, October 5, 2007

Books and their Stories

A couple of years ago, my dear friend Christine moved away (I would post a picture, but I haven't asked her permission) and I missed her very much. We kept in touch by phone (isn't unlimited long distance wonderful?) and sent emails (it was because of her I figured out how to get pictures onto my computer and out into the world!) but that's never quite the same as getting together is it? We planned and tried to get together at Stitches West this past February, but she wasn't able to make it (I, however, got to experience one of the highlights of my life; it could only have improved if Christine and all my knitting friends were able to go with me!)

It was with joy and glee that we were able to coordinate a meeting place, Isle La Motte, VT. On the July 1st weekend we made the 7 hour drive to spend time with my friend and her family. (they only had to drive 5 days)

It was wonderful to see them and to share knitting and yarn stories. One of the things she showed me was the book that her husband and children had given her for her birthday, The Natural Knitter (see above, I couldn't get the picture to move). I spent quite a few hours pouring over her copy and when I got home, I still thought about it whenever I was in a bookstore or yarn shop; even made some special trips to these kind of stores with just that book in mind, but it never really appeared when I was looking for it. Strange. I thought they would be everywhere; it's just such a beautiful book and VERY informative.

So, last Saturday, after I dropped my son off at hockey, I decided to check out a little shop not too far from us called Gemini Fibres to see about a second hand spinning wheel. (I'm beginning to hear the call of fleece!) Luckily, she did not have a spinning wheel, (because I really have no place to put it!) but I'm not about to enter a lovely shop such as hers and not purchase anything...please.

My daughter and I watched the spinners; listened to all their preferences and advice, but I really feel I need to study that whole hobby and it's vocabulary before I commit...mmmmm. I remembered that I had read about using Silk Roving, in No Sheep For You, for Thrum mittens or socks and liked the idea. But Silk Roving is not so easy to come by; and I suddenly thought, hey, if there's gonna be Silk Roving someplace, well then, this is the place! And it was! So I bought some of that...OMG it is incredibly soft!! I also, picked up my 2008 Knitting Calendar, again, who knows how fast they're going to fly off the shelf! I had purused her book shelf --- WOW---but didn't see the book; so I asked and guess what? It was there and now?... it is here.

Now, I have quite a number of knitting (and various other craft related) books, and have spent these past few months trying to justify buying another one and came up with a beaut!

I sold some of my stash. Gasp! What? No!


I had made the Dream In Colour Tulip Cardigan using Smooshy double stranded because I couldn't wait to get the was a weak moment. It was Knitting In Public Day, I was doing a Yarn Crawl and my last stop was Unwind; I was tired, high on yarn fumes and as I said, weak (to be fair, I'm always weak in a yarn shop). I bought the full skeins of Smooshy and when the sweater was done, I had plenty left over. A dear friend of mine found out that her daughter was expecting her, I think, first grandchild, and wanted to make this sweater for her and offered to buy my leftovers and we came to an agreeable arrangement. She paid me the cost of the yarn without tax; I agreed with the understanding that there was a book that I wanted and if there was any money left over I would give it back to her. It was an even-steven trade! Some of my stash went to a very good home and I got the new book that I wanted...guilt free! L O V E I T!!

I've also been looking forward to another book for quite a few months, and it came just the other day. I don't have any long winded, incredibly thought out rational for buying this book; I just wanted it.

The first book by Crazy Aunt Purl. I want you to notice that the staging of the book for the photo shoot includes cat hair (upper right corner).
There's never any shortage of it here either; so I thought it fitting!

So those are my two newest books and their stories....and as far as stories go...there's plenty more where that came from!

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone; we really do have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. And for today I want to thank Connie at Pick Up Sticks for showing me how to link! :o)


christine said...

Funny you should talk about me and spinning in the same post! I had my first learn to spin class on Saturday at the Fiber Factory. Whee! So far, we have only used the drop spindle, next week, it's on to the spinning wheels. Can't wait.

I also received Spinning Visually for that birthday, did you take a look at it? It covers a lot of the terminology, etc., I found it very informative.

One of the best tips I took home from my class on Saturday was that I needed to get rid of any preconceived notions about which spinning wheel I was going to buy, single or double treadle, flyer ratio, etc. That I needed to try as many different ones as I could to find the perfect one for me. Luckily, there are about 15 different ones there, which seems like quite a few for this novice.

Talk to you soon.

KGB said... that you've got the roving, you just HAVE to get the wheel!

How's Crazy Aunt Purl's book? I must get to Chapters for my copy soon.