Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And The Winners Are...

Without further adieus, here is the Grand Prize Winner of the Think Outside the Sox Contest.
These are one of the pairs of socks that my Tulip Socks were up against! We told you, fierce competition! This knitter knit and DYED her socks (not sure which came first the sock or the dye...either way, WOW!!)

Winning the Adult Lace Socks with Cuff's:

These socks won out over my Aurora Borealis. I do like her "creative entrance" (that was part of the criteria).
Here is the "Inspired By Knitter's Magazine" winner.

I would've liked to see my Angel Socks here. This knitter was inspired by Issue #63 page 29. (Note to self: Look up K63 P29)

Now, for your viewing entertainment, have a look at the socks that won the Under 18 Category:

When I saw these while viewing the whole collection, I was hoping that whoever designed these would offer the pattern, because I thought they were so cute.
A ten year old girl designed and knit these wonderful socks! WOW!

I'm spending this frigid morning tidying up after the excitement of entering this contest (pattern writing still to follow) and organizing for my Mindful Knitting Retreat. I still hope to get my Diamond Cardigan finished in time, which will require actually spending time knitting today too!

[ I just deleted a really cute picture of Thursday...and there isn't an "undo" button on this thing! DARN!!]

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