Monday, March 2, 2009

I'ld like to!

The results are in and unfortunately I didn't take any prizes home...this time!
Over the past 7 months or so, I've kept images of the socks that I entered in the "Think Outside The Sox" contest close to the chest, so as not to jinx anything. Well, it is what it is and these are my socks and the images that inspired my designs.

Entry #1:
TULIP SOCKS knit in Dream In Colour Smooshy yarn.
These socks were inspired by a sweater of the same name.

Entry #2:
AURORA BOREALIS knit in Collinette Jitterbug.
These socks were entered into the Adult Sock Lace Cuff category. I used beads and twisted stitches and an unusual toe make-up to tie into the theme and yarn colourway.
Entry #3:

ANGELS PATHWAY knit in Trekking with Angora and Metallic accents.
I entered these socks in the "Inspired by Knitters Magazine" Category. The first time that I bought a Knitter's Magazine was to make an Angel that they included in their projects (no, I haven't done it yet!). A number of years later I bought the XRX book "Angels; A Knitters Dozen", which was packed full of patterns for Angels and bells and all things Angels! This past spring I attended Knitting Camp in New York and learned about a new way of knitting socks from Cat Bordhi (shout out---Happy Birthday Cat!). With all of these resources, I set out to design some fabulous socks that were truly inspired by Knitters...from the first magazine that I ever purchased to one of the most recent issues where Cat Bordhi was interviewed and her new approach to knitting was explored. As I created these socks all the stitches just seemed to find their home. I had an idea, I looked up the stitch and then I worked it. More often than not, the pattern came together like it had been done a thousand times before; it just felt right.
I really enjoyed this whole process and gained so much from the experience! I now know that YES, I can do it! I am pleased to have shared the stage with so many talented knitters, and I am thankful to friends and family that supported me throughout this venture and for getting their votes in for the "Knitter's Choice" award.
Tomorrow, I will post the pictures of the socks that beat me in the categories that I entered and a couple that I just plain found interesting! I also plan on making up patterns for my socks and I am on my way to entering yet another design contest...
Why Not?
And remember....

Could there be a better reason?

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