Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is....

What you do when you're waiting in line at the airport. In the "Checked In Online" line. People who don't knit get very cranky when they have to wait an hour or so in the "Checked In Online To Save Time" line.

I was happy; I got my sweater finished that I wanted to wear on the plane.
(The sweater that when I realized that I was going to run out of yarn three days before I was to leave, found a knitter who had the same yarn in the same dye lot on Ravelry, who lives in Toronto, who met me in the lobby of her apartment building, IN TORONTO, so that I could buy the one last skein that I needed!)
Knitters Rock!
The picture you take when you're walking along Ocean Drive in South beach the morning before you get on your cruise ship.

The picture you take in Costa Maya to show your daughter that bananas really do grow on trees in Mexico.
A picture you asked a complete stranger to take as you celebrate Zip Lining over the Rain Forest in Belize.
Yes, of course it's a Margarita!!

Just a taste of the surprises that lay in store for you on a Cruise ship!

I hung it in the bathroom when I left just to mess up my Stateroom attendant.
Happy Thursday's Knit Night!

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