Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home & Doing Laundry....SURPRISE!!!!

O.K. Short and sweet.
I'm home. We're all fine. I plan to show more pics over the next few days.
I want to go have a nap.
Amen Sisterfriend!!
Here she is in Costa Maya.

This is me. Climbing a very big hill in Belize. Why am I climbing? Why am I wearing a helmet? What's all that fuzzy green stuff in the background?
The fuzzy green stuff is the rain forest. (It's fuzzy because I was shaking from having to climb)
I'm wearing a helmet so that I don't get a head injury. (What you don't see is the harness and gloves that I'm also wearing)
I'm climbing so that I can sail over the trees of the rain forest on a ZIP LINE!!
That's a "having a blast laughing" smile, combined with, "Oh my God, I hope I don't have a heart attack! And they called this the 'Moderate' climb activity!" Geez.

Yup. Helmet diving.
They put the helmet on, pump air in and send you down to swim with the fishes.
Very Cool.

Standing on my balcony the last day of sailing at the moment that there actually was sunshine, while trying to outrun a hurricane. They kept telling us that it was a cold front from the north that was giving us problems.
I saw the map. That hurricane was biting us on the butt!
Pretty neat for self portraits huh?
Oh yeah, and there was knitting.... more soon.


Creativehands said...

Today is my son's birthday...let the teens begin. He's a good guy.

Yosemite said...

I keep saying if I survive J's teen years it will be a miracle. He's a good guy too but school is driving me nuts. He'll be 15 just before Xmas.

I took the Gravol Ginger but it was after I was already nauseated. I think next time I'll take it before we leave.

kgbknits said...

Welcome back!! I hope you had a most wonderful time. Sure sounds like you did!
Love the pics.