Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There's Only So Much They Can Do.

Yesterday I was in love with the French Curve and as I started to do some sewing today (because I finished the sleeve I was working on yesterday! Yay!) I thought, "Here's another 'Best Tool Ever'!"
This is my chalk/pen/marker that I now use for marking my patterns. I've stressed quite a bit about marking patterns in my lifetime. I used to do a 'Taylor's Tack' is what I think it was called, using needle and thread to mark the dots...and hated it. Usually I just tried to fudge my way through and kind of eyeball them as I got to them...not the most successful method of sewing.
Years and years ago I found this really cool chalk and needle marking system that I LOVED! Apparently, I was the only one who loved it because I haven't been able to find refills or a replacement for quite awhile.
Now, I've found this sturdy chalk marker and I've relaxed in my whole marking/matching endeavors. Once again, patterns are 'suggestions'. It's an art; not a science, so if the marks are in approximately the same general area and the overall appearance works...well, 'Bob's your uncle and get going sister-friend!' Life's too short for worrying about matching dots exactly.
Speaking of Life being too short...
My sewing Angel was watching over me again today.
This is me finding just enough scrap material to cut the facings. Again. Because I, again, reversed them when I cut them out the first time and therefore didn't match up when I went to sew them into the jacket/top. Are you getting that this is not something new in my life? So, while there's only so much an Angel can do for person, I was very lucky to be able to make this work!
Continuing with the whole 'silver lining' theme...

At least I got to practise my button holes, and when I did do it the second time, I took my time and paid attention to every last detail. Yay.
So....do you think it looks like old lady fabric?

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Cotton Picker said...

It can't possibly be "old lady" fabric. Looks awfully familiar - I think I have some of that in my stash. :)