Friday, September 18, 2009

It's always the way.

Wednesday is this year's "Fright Night" (scroll down).

Unlike Sandi, however, I just go with it and have pizza...used to order it; now it's Delisio Rising Crust Pizza!!
After pizza I load both kids in the van along with all their paraphernalia and head out to tackle "the loop". I drop one at the music store for his drum lesson early, because music lessons and dance lessons start at the same time--- in different towns--- at the same time. We live in yet another town.
Now, the dance class goes longer than the drum lesson; so after I deposit my dancer at the studio I pop back into the van to head back to pick up the drummer.
Let me share a little side note here. My daughter and I were on our way to yet another dance class of hers today, when a commercial advertising diapers came on the radio. (They're on sale at Baby's-R-Us) The lady mentioned just how many diapers a person might change in one day. My daughter asked me how many times I had to change diapers when she was a baby? O.K.
1) I don't remember.
2) I do remember addressing this very issue when my kids were babies. I didn't keep track of how many times I had to change a bum. A bum needed changing, it got changed. If I was lucky somebody else did it, but usually it was me.
I think that if you start keeping track/score, especially when it comes to parenting, well you're just setting yourself up for a miserable time of it. I think it's much more productive to keep track of the few gems that keep you smiling in the midst of all those diapers. Not that I always follow my own words of wisdom here, but really what good can come of counting dirty diaper changes? It just makes everybody cranky.
The same holds true later in the parenting adventure when you become the official taxi driver. Don't think about it. Just immerse yourself in the task. Don't think of all the other things that you could be doing. Don't think about the gas. Don't think about all the other running around you do in addition to these evenings where you're touring around the county, with the added enjoyment of the arguing that you get to endure when they are both in the car at the same time. Just be one with the commute.
Don't think about it...just keep your eyes open for that Yarn Shop whose neon light shines an ever welcoming OPEN sign above its door.
Don't think about it...when you remember that you were looking for another 3.75mm circular knitting needle. (Don't remember exactly what project it was for, but there's always another one).
Don't think about it...when you realize that you've already been to one yarn shop today...

Just take your van and your ever-drumming son into that parking lot, turn the engine off, get out of that driver seat, breath the lovely night air and go in there and buy those Addi Natura 3.75mm (and a couple of patterns...but no yarn!!). Then continue on into the fading light of the Wednesday evening to finish the last of your pickups and get everybody home safe and sound.

So, fast forward through Thursday...there was knitting and much better can it get? Now, it's Friday morning and enough is enough!
I begin to shift and sort some piles. I won't kid you, it was a big job, and I got carried away a few times, and I'm not anywhere near finished, but look what I found?

I know there's still a lot of stuff surrounding the floor area, but look what else I found...

Well, that's two. I'm sure there's more somewhere!

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