Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still here....a random update.

Yeah, still here and I knew I wanted to write something, but wasn't sure what exactly so I looked at some of my most recently loaded photos and came up with this random update:

1) Linen Stitch scarf:

I've been asked to teach this class at Pick Up Sticks and decided to make one of my own. I'm using Dream In Colour from my stash. The pattern calls for Koigu and commented that "any colour combination works well," so I chose 3 'stand alone colours' and as I worked the first pattern repeat, I wasn't too sure that I agreed with the "any combination..." statement.

And then I brought in the pink again! Wow!
It's a very Zen like knit and I'm modifying it a bit as I go (because that's what I do), one tip that I did take to heart was the suggestion to put a marker every 50 stitches to help with the 450 stitch cast on and keep the pattern in check as well. I plan to get it finished while I'm away over the next two weeks and hope to get a picture posted around the second week of August.

2)This is my roomy Jenn. She really is my favourite roomy!

Now, why would a married woman with two kids, a dog, two cats and some fish have a favourite roomy named Jenn? Because we are part of the Red Hot Mamas and when we go for our annual weekend away (hopefully a full week in a few years) she and I share a room and it works out just great. This year, as we enjoyed a quiet, rainy day, she says, "I can knit", picks up my sock and knits! She was a little hesitant because she "didn't want to mess up my knitting", but I was so excited to see her (or any of my 'mama-sista-friends') knit I assured her, 'I can fix anything. It's only knitting.'
I love that I've figured that out!
So she knit until she ran out of needle, because this four needle business is a little intense.
And I was very happy; not only was I happy, I was....

Oh Yeah!
**So, we're off to the cottage for a couple of weeks. I have wine, wool, (yarn and rovings), a spinning wheel, but no whoppers....yet. I'll let you know how everything goes. Keep cool and knit on!**

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