Monday, August 9, 2010

Home With A Few Things To Share!

We had some good weather this time around at the cottage that meant lots of beach time, but I still managed to get some time in for the things that I love to do!

Here's the pieces of my Linen Scarf. Technically, the holiday ended on August 8; so last night I did the final 450 stitch three needle bind off, and so it counts as a completed holiday knit. It's blocking now; I'll show you how it all turns out soon.

I did get to try out my Spinolution Bee Travel Wheel with some fun red Fleece Artist. (move the curser to the far right)

(The pedicure has held up pretty well since last post hasn't it?)

This is the B E A U T I F U L yarn that I made.
I spun singles.
I plied it.
I wound it around upside down table legs (my kids were, once again, freaked out with my resourcefulness...I think the name MacGyver was mentioned).
I soaked the yarn in some shampoo I had.
I hung it out to dry on a tree with a wonderful cottage breeze to dry it.

I wound it into a hank and set it upon the driftwood that is on "Driftwood Beach" and took a number of photos (again the children were watching with looks of concern and wonder. HA!!)

I then started on some Sweet Georgia Yarns BFL that I brought...and it was a wonderful thing.

With my one red hank and my one gold single I went back into town to see the lovely lady at JanKnit's Studio in Haliburton to show off my accomplishments.

I'll show you what I may or may not have picked up while in town....I admit least not today!

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