Friday, August 20, 2010

Sorry...and there was shopping!

Three reasons for the apology:

1) It's been so long since this next installment of my Haliburton adventure!
2) Some of the pictures are posted on their side.
3) I'm Canadian.

So yeah, back to Jan Knits where I picked up the yarn that was actually called for in this Knitty pattern.
Just tilt your head to the right.

And here is some fibre waiting to be spunnnnnn...

Again with the head tilt.
After much debate and a couple (or three) visits to the shop, we came up with this yarn for this sweater designed by Fiona Ellis in the latest Vogue magazine. When I told Jan that I was looking for sock yarn for a sweater she knew exactly which one I was talking about as she too, is looking forward to making it!

Tilting is over now.

Haliburton is home to a number of different artisans and there is a gallery that I always like to visit, where I picked up these gems.

The cup is done by a local potter which is now in my new bathroom...the cup; not the potter. The card is done by fibre artist Jane Selbie. I went to her studio a couple of years ago; it is quite inspiring! Bits of fabric everywhere; no wonder I have trouble letting go of my scraps when I see all the potential that's there! There was another card that I liked that had an old school house on a hill; the different fabrics and textures really appealed to me...and then I saw the sheep. So there you go.

One last bit of Yarn Stash Enhancement.

This year I was lucky enough to be in Haliburton when there was not only the Artisan Fair, but also a quilt show! So, I'm walking around the show (in obscene, stifling heat) admiring some wonderful workmanship...did I mention it was stupid hot? And came upon some yarn, honestly the stuff just jumps out at me sometimes, I recognized the lady, but no sign. Marty's is the local Health Food 'Emporium' in Haliburton; with a yarn shop. I know, those two things go hand in hand in my mind too. Anywho, she had a booth set up with some needlecraft things available to purchase and I found a kit for this purse that she designed. She said that she taught this to her beginner classes and I just thought it was a nice little learning Entrelac project; felting's not a bad thing either...I think I'll line it with some pretty fabric though, you know, because I have difficulty throwing out scraps.

Oh, I also bought a quilt kit for a sewing room wallhanging. Boy it was hot!!


I haven't starting knitting any of these purchases. I HAVE, however wound all the skeins into balls. A girl's gotta start somewhere!

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thatdarncat said...

Ooh, pretty things.
If I ever make a sweater again, it will be with fingering weight (maybe bamboo) yarn. Thanks for your help last night.