Monday, September 27, 2010

Random, Rapid Fire, Catchup! Part II

Blogging is a lot like housework. If you just did a little everyday then it wouldn't turn into one great big job that virtually overloads your system.
It's a lot like tying in ends at the end of an intarsia sweater too.
1) Last day of summer Holidays=Last day of Harry Potter Exhibit, and it was amazing!! These four have been friends since the boys started kindergarten together and the girls were 1. It's a pretty easy day out...they've got each other and I've got an Emergency Knitting Kit.

2) I took a sock in progress to the Knitter's Fair with 3 of some of my dearest knitting friends. We had muffins, coffee, laughter and yarn fumes. A day just doesn't get much better. There was some stash enhancement, some fibre enhancement and some gadget enhancement. Oh and books too!

3) I made a lovely Lavender (that my husband grew) and peach dessert from the magazine in the shot. I thought I was showing you the difference that can happen in batches of batter if you overmix one. It turns out I was showing you what happens when you double the sugar in one of the batches. It tasted like candy. mmmmm

4) I was knitting Damson and became obsessively monogamous! I didn't know what could cause such a change in behaviour.
Fun pattern? I have lots of those on the go.
Lovely yarn? I have a basement (cough, more, cough) full of beautiful yarn.
The only new element was the Signature Needles.
OMG!! Sigh. Gasp. Swoon. They make all the difference in the world. Really! They are that good. I now get excited when I find a pattern that calls for 4.0mm and 4.5mm, because that's the only sizes I have right now and remain pretty focused on these projects so that I can complete them and move on to the next! It is sooo weird! I sound, like, I'm totally, 13 or something. Ohmygaawwd!

5) I finished that linen scarf and got it all put together and it is b e a u t i f u l!! I have to agree with the designers, this pattern does work with any combination. To review, I worked to halves and then did a three needle bind off to get a mirror effect and it now has a lovely pink stripe running down the centre and into the fringe. If you need and/or would like to see more of any of these projects just leave a comment and I'll post some other views.

Happy Knitting!

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